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Disquiet – The Condemnation (Soulseller)

Formed in Utrecht back in 2008, Dutch melodic thrash metal five piece Disquiet have caused quite a stir. With their debut album “Scars Of Undying Grief”, they had a fairly successful 2013 with regards to touring, sharing the stage with… Continue Reading →

Malrun – Oblivion Awaits (Vicisolum)

This is a release I have been eager to hear. Last year I covered “Two Thrones” by this melodic metal five piece from Denmark and it turned out that after the record was finished, the frontman had left the band… Continue Reading →

Nergard – A Bit Closer To Heaven (Battlegod)

I really thought that said Nerdgard! I know I’m not alone, you had to double check didn’t you? But before you think the name is some kind of visor for computers, or a bigger kid looking out for the brainy… Continue Reading →

Kamelot – Haven (Napalm)

Now, I’ve been aware of Kamelot for many, many years but I’ll be honest, I’ve never been able to get massively excited about their material. My research tells me that their former vocalist – the splendidly monickered Roy Khan –… Continue Reading →

Wolfpakk – Rise Of The Animal (AFM)

Ah, Wolfpakk, so we meet again…and my, what big teeth you have! I had the honour of reviewing their previous outing “Cry Wolf” in 2013, which on the whole was very good (if I ignore the Michael Bolton meets Disney… Continue Reading →

Malrun – Two Thrones (Vicisolum Productions)

  Malrun are a Danish 5-piece who play a blend of hard rock and melodic metal with that unmistakable Scandinavian sound – harmony leads, vocals which switch from clean singing to fierce growls at the drop of a hat and… Continue Reading →

Human Fortress – Raided Land (AFM)

Sometimes it’s hard to really quantify how much a band can really screw things up for themselves…and sometimes they just make it really easy! Five years ago Human Fortress – a German Power Metal band with a decent following, released… Continue Reading →

Mind Structure – When Life and Death Destroy (Casket)

A spell-binding introduction gives us a flavour of where we’re going. In fact we go to several different places. Mind Structure are from Ukraine and draw from USA and Scandinavia for their brand of highly technical melodic metal with hardcore… Continue Reading →

Wolfpakk – Cry Wolf (AFM)

The 2nd installment of Wolf-obsessed Melodic Metal from the project written by, and put together by highly respected vocalists Michael Voss (Mad Max/Casanova) and Mark Sweeney (Crystal Ball). 2011’s debut was well received so they are back this year with… Continue Reading →

Amorphis – Circle (Nuclear Blast)

A number of conversations regarding Amorphis over the past couple of years have brought up the same quite unusual fact, being that there are still people out there who miss the vocals of Pasi Koskinen. I don’t think many people… Continue Reading →

Orden Ogan – To The End (AFM Records)

This German quartet is definitely melodic metal, and while I tend to listen to a fair share of melodic death metal this stuff is different, though not a million miles away. I guess the primary difference has to be the… Continue Reading →

Loch Vostok – V: The Doctrine Decoded (Vicisolum)

I was first alerted to Loch Vostok by a number of ProgPower goers. That was about three years when “Reveal No Secrets” came out. “V: The Doctrine Decoded” is their fifth album release. When I first heard the name, I… Continue Reading →

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