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Hoth – Astral Necromancy (Epicurus Records)

I must confess I am a man of extremes and when it comes to music I always have been, from my teenage years and the race to find the heaviest band on earth to my later adoration for Brutal Death… Continue Reading →

Shores Of Null – Black Drapes For Tomorrow (Candlelight Records)

I bought this band’s debut at the Inferno Festival in 2016 along with a shirt as they were one of the best bands of the festival and I admit to being a bit nervy about this sophomore album as the… Continue Reading →

Sawlegen – Stories from an Old Empire (Haarbn)

This album was composed and released in 2007, and here it is again. The calm ambience which opens up “Stories from an Old Empire” and the two acoustic cover tracks of Sawlegen’s own songs at the end give the album… Continue Reading →

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