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Medulla Nocte

Thicko – The Beginning Is Nigh (S/R)

Can I trouble you to listen to a 10-minute party political broadcast courtesy of the right dishonourable Paul Catten and Paul Kenney? Well yes of course you can and if you are looking for something to play at any canvassers… Continue Reading →

Barrabus – S/T (Undergroove)

Well it’s been a while since last confronting the dulcet tones of Paul Catten. In fact if memory serves it was Damnation Festival 2011 when he last screamed at me via A Man Called Catten with songs from favourite beat… Continue Reading →

Raging Speedhorn – Lost Ritual (S/R / Pledge)

You all know this lot, and if you don’t, shame on you. Raging Speedhorn are one of the most iconic bands of the 2000’s, up there with the likes of Stampin’ Ground for intense live performances and hard hitting, no… Continue Reading →

Krysthla – A War Of Souls And Desires (Initiate Audio)

Anybody remember British bruisers Gutworm? Active between 1999 and 2010 they released a couple of formidable albums and threw their weight around live on the UK circuit, playing some hefty shows. I just dug out their debut album ‘Ruin The… Continue Reading →

Bloodway – Sunstone Voyager and the Clandestine Horizon (I Voidhanger)

Bloodway are a new project who burst forth from the creative sac of Costin Chioreanu, Romanian artist and musician.  His past works have included guitars for Mediocracy and Protest Urban, bass for Cap De Craniu and Deviant and a myriad of… Continue Reading →

Armed With Anger – Ian Glasper (Cherry Red Books)

For me The Day The Country Died by Ian Glasper was the book I had been waiting for years to read. Basically it was a compendium of interviews and anecdotes from all the essential Anarcho punk bands between 1980 and… Continue Reading →

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