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October File – Renditions In Juxtaposition – Live At Bloodstock 2011 (Candlelight)

Was this really 2011, time flies but this somewhat incendiary set is still fresh in the memory as is the oft mentioned backdrop of the time when it took place, just after England was in the grip of completely misdirected… Continue Reading →

Old Corpse Road – The Witching Hour – As Spectres We Haunt This Kingdom (Godreah)

I suspect that there are no UK metal bands who I want to like more than Old Corpse Road. They seem to want to play live at the drop of a hat and that kind of work ethic can only… Continue Reading →

Ophidian Forest/Hæresiarchs of Dis – Darkest Origins (Split) (UW Records)

If decomposing, mind-scouring black metal is what your evil doctor ordered, then look no further than Ophidian Forest. Densest Green, the first track on this split with Hæresiarchs of Dis, is the sonic equivalent of waking up happy that you’re still… Continue Reading →

VA – Voices From Valhalla: A Tribute To Bathory (Godreah)

I always look forward to getting things from cottage industry label Godreah. They do things the old way, putting out quality instead of quantity in the form of both eclectic bands and compilation discs. Like their Hawkwind tribute, the title… Continue Reading →

Ebonillumini & Worms Of Sabnock – Split EP (Diptera Records)

This split EP, which is actually a full 45 minutes long sees the return of two underground UK acts who are intertwined on the same family tree with branches further enveloping the infamous Meads Of Asphodel. Ebonillumini have been somewhat… Continue Reading →

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