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Math Rock

Traps – The Fighter (Halfmeltedbrain Records)

For once the press info is spot on. This is promoted as “wild, whacky, proggy and crazy” and that it exactly what it is. The band photo of two disfigured faces pressed up against a car window nicely transmits the… Continue Reading →

From Another Mother – ATATOA (Kapitan Platte)

Indie Math rock. Three words that can spread panic and fear like “ It’s your kid” and “Blood in faeces” . Back packs, mad time signatures and moshing bans come to mind. “Is this music, is this art? Why is… Continue Reading →

Ni – Les Insurgés de Romilly (Atypeek Music)

Ni are a French four piece predominantly instrumental band who play a very unique brand of experimental music. With two EP’s under their belt and a reputation for energetic live performances in their native country, Ni are set to unleash… Continue Reading →

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