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Beyond The Black – Lost In Forever (UDR Music)

Well this is a first for me, getting to review an album that featured in my Ave Noctum Top 20…the year AFTER it appeared in it! Truth is, a mate of mine put me on to this band (Thanks again… Continue Reading →

Iron Mask – Diabolica (AFM)

Iron Mask is now releasing their sixth album and have spent two years preparing it. Originally set up as a power metal side project, their impressive credentials including the fact they have played alongside Hammerfall and Europe, it looks like the… Continue Reading →

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter present DRACULA – Swing of Death (Frontiers)

Jorn Lande is one of those people in metal who has a pretty impressive resume. The Norwegian with the powerful voice has been the frontman for a series of bands such as Ark and Masterplan, as well as contributing guest… Continue Reading →

Vanishing Point – Distant is the Sun (AFM)

With lashings of bombast, this album races off into fantasy-filled progressively power metal territory. There’s plenty of punch in the drumming, the vocals are heading towards epic lands and the chorus adds to the pomposity. It’s everything you’ve heard before… Continue Reading →

Wolfpakk – Cry Wolf (AFM)

The 2nd installment of Wolf-obsessed Melodic Metal from the project written by, and put together by highly respected vocalists Michael Voss (Mad Max/Casanova) and Mark Sweeney (Crystal Ball). 2011’s debut was well received so they are back this year with… Continue Reading →

Overtures – Entering the Maze (Sleaszy Rider)

I like Italian metal in general and of the prog-power fraternity I particularly like DGM and Kingcrow. There’s such an energy and creativity about them. I didn’t know Overtures but they’ve been going since 2003 and this is their third… Continue Reading →

Dyscordia – Twin Symbiosis (Road Mark Productions)

There’s a child-like innocence, it’s 4 o’clock in the morning and it sounds like the ghosts are out there. It’s sinister and suggestion is of nightmares. So begins this debut album from Belgium’s Dyscordia. An explosion occurs and we’re confronted… Continue Reading →

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