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Master – Vindictive Miscreant (Transcending Obscurity)

What came first the Death or the Black? And other age old Metal questions with variable answers that have no doubt caused a riot of arguments across internet forums over the years. Yet it is to Death Metal we look… Continue Reading →

Johansson & Speckmann – From The Mouth Of Madness (Soulseller Records)

Want some old school dark death metal? Step right up and have a large slice of this, the fourth album / collaboration between bassist & vocalist Paul Speckmann (Master) and guitarist Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Down Among The Dead Men….pretty much… Continue Reading →

Apostate Viaticum – Before The Gates Of Gomorrah (Invictus Productions)

Arising from the ashes of Morphosis, Dubliners (no not them) Apostate Viaticum have delivered a right tasty slab of crushing old school DM on this, their debut album. Now although this is a debut album, this band are not a… Continue Reading →

Immolation – Atonement (Nuclear Blast)

Immolation are a band who have truly stood the test of time in the death metal realm. With 2017 marking their 29th year in the business, the quintessential thinking man’s extreme band definitely do not disappoint with their tenth full… Continue Reading →

Johansson & Speckmann – Edge Of The Abyss (Soulseller)

If you look up “Busy motherfucker” in the Oxford English Dictionary, chances are you’ll be confronted by a photo of Swedish guitar lord Rogga Johansson. This bloke is in so many bands he makes Shane Embury look like a workshy… Continue Reading →

Master – An Epiphany Of Hate (FDA Rekotz)

It’s always nice to be trusted to review bands like Master.  To me at least, it means the opinion of this jaded 44 year old metal head is actually, maybe, worth a toss. That’s what I kid myself anyway. But… Continue Reading →

Turbocharged – Militant (GFY Productions)

Turbocharged’s leader Ronnie “Ripper” Olson was the bass player on a few of Gehenna’s ’90s releases and, more significantly for myself, the vocalist/bassist on Vomitory’s early creations including their mighty debut. It seems a strange coincidence then that just last… Continue Reading →

Dehuman – Graveyard Of Eden (Kaotoxin)

This is the second (stop saying ‘sophomore’ you pretentious wankers) album from Belgian DM crew Dehuman and is quite an improvement over 2012’s ‘Black Throne of All Creation’. Relentless touring with the likes of Agathocles & Master has paid off… Continue Reading →

Interview – Cynic

It’s an oft-used cliché but in the case of renowned prog-death-metal crew Cynic, it really is no exaggeration to state that they have never played by the rules. From their 1993 debut ‘Focus’, the prodigious talents of the band were… Continue Reading →

Master – The Witchhunt (FDA-REKOTZ)

It’s been little over a year since Master unleashed their last, frankly excellent album ‘The New Elite’. In my review, I awarded that album a conservative score of 8/10 before nefariously getting it upped by half a mark (thanks, Ed!)…. Continue Reading →

Interview – Master

  Master: inspiration behind the name of US grind legends Terrorizer, and the UK magazine of the same name; covered by Napalm Death; forerunners of death metal. Is there any more that needs to be said? Well yes, there is… Continue Reading →

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