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The Grotesquery – Curse Of The Skinless Bride (Cyclone Empire)

The Grotesquery is one of what I call ‘secret bands’. Only one of my buddies (Trud) has heard of them and we both love their last two albums. It’s odd that the band aren’t more well-known seeing as they feature… Continue Reading →

Obituary – Inked in Blood (Relapse)

It’s been five long years since Obituary’s last album ‘Darkest Day’ emerged to whack us round our skulls. In the meantime there’s been a fair amount of disruption in the band’s ranks. First Frank Watkins abandoned his bass role, defecting… Continue Reading →

Interview – Revel In Flesh

Revel In Flesh are no strangers to Ave Noctum and most recently they have been a part of three split 7 inch records issued earlier this year. When it comes to punishing old school death metal, then Germany’s Revel In… Continue Reading →

Gravehill – Death Curse (Dark Descent)

After originally starting up in 2001, Gravehill decided to call it quits before even releasing an album and it wasn’t until 2007 that the US band reformed. Since then, three albums have been released and despite a lack of interest… Continue Reading →

Massacre – Back From Beyond (Century Media)

This is a band whose name screams forefathers of the American death metal scene, that being the case, they only have two records behind them, although the second effort ‘Promise’ was well “beyond” (couldn’t help it!) their debut ‘From Beyond’… Continue Reading →

Flayed Disciple – Death Hammer (Grind Scene Records)

I was genuinely surprised to discover that `Death Hammer’ is actually Flayed Disciple’s first full length album. For a debut, it is incredibly professional, accomplished and polished, as well as visceral and intense. It is also a genuinely authentic-sounding slab… Continue Reading →

Bodyfarm – Malevolence (Cyclone Empire)

Considering the vast amount of death metal bands out there in the world, there are relatively few who capture the true essence of death metal. Of course, this can mean different things to different people, but for those people who… Continue Reading →

The Grotesquery – The Facts and Terrifying Testament Of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales (Cyclone Empire)

Kam Lee (Massacre etc) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer/Ribspreader) are at it again. Their second release as a collective, and The Grotesquery bring back their horror death metal with a tale that picks up where their debut release left off. Again,… Continue Reading →

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