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Blitzkrieg Baby – War Gods (Beläten)

I had been waiting on this to leave a foul taste in my ears and this “little ray of sunshine” is certainly doing so as I sit hear listening to it, sweating from the hottest day of the year whilst… Continue Reading →

Autokrator – Hammer of Heretics (Krucyator Productions)

What’s that racket? Oh yes, it must be the latest Autokrator release and boy have they turned things up a notch or two since last time round. When I say turned things up, of course, I don’t mean the bombastic… Continue Reading →

N.K.V.D. – Totalitarian Industrial Oppression (Krucyator Productions)

Just looking at the title line this all sounds somewhat scary doesn’t it? Well it should do too, as anyone naming themselves after The Russian People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs is not someone you would want knocking at your door… Continue Reading →

N.K.V.D. – Hakmarrja (Avantgarde)

Particularly grim and potent industrial dark art here from this French entity with a penchant for all things totalitarian and Russian. They adopt their name for a start after Stalin’s secret police and their music is equally oppressive and as… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg Baby – Kid’s World (Beläten)

Last album by the beastly Blitzkriek Baby ‘Porcus Norvegicus’ literally chilled me to the (ham) bone. This was cold industrial, martial music for a world on the brink of collapse and it was horrifying in tone and execution. Needless to… Continue Reading →

Dark Awake – Epi Thanaton (Rage In Eden)

I could not help noticing that this is on a record label that shares the same name as Ultravox classic album from 1981 but let me assure you that all similarities end there. Dark Awake are an intriguing proposition and… Continue Reading →

Interview – Melencolia Estatica

Melencolia Estatica’s album Hel, inspired by Fritz Lang’s classic film Metropolis with its imaginative and talented mix of modern, harsh and complex black metal with a broad use of vocals was one of 2012’s musical highlights for me. Masterminded and… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg Baby – Porcus Norvegicus (Neuropa)

We all like to be scared don’t we? It releases endorphins and gives an adrenaline rush that is quite like no other. Films and books are a good way of getting the fear although as you get older it is… Continue Reading →

Plutonium – Devilmentertainment Non Stop (SR)

Listening to v.e.g.a. yesterday got me thinking that black metal and industrial go together so fantastically well it’s a shame more bands don’t do it. Plutonium, a solo act fromSweden, is another fine example of this integration of styles and… Continue Reading →

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