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Shining (Nor) – International Black Jazz Society (Spinefarm)

Those of us without a giddy disposition have possibly marvelled at a recent music video of Shining performing live at Trolltunga – The Devils Tongue which juts precariously off a mountain over a massive glaciated valley near Bergen Norway. It’s… Continue Reading →

Pigs – Wronger (Solar Flare)

I like pigs. Lovely oinky creatures, they also taste nice. After listening to the 2nd album from this New York trio, I think the band are OK too. Pigs consists of Unsane’s Dave Curran, Freshkills’ Jim Paradise, and Converge producer… Continue Reading →

Butcher Babies – Take It Like A Man (Century Media)

Butcher Babies are a five piece hailing from Los Angeles and currently ready to unleash their second album. Forming in 2010, the two girls who handle vocals and three guys bring a brand of nu metal meets groove meets djent… Continue Reading →

Prude – The Dark Age of Consent (Metropolis)

The often used quote “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” is attributed to the bad boy of Pop-Art, Andy Warhol, the man whose Factory bought the world Day-Glo reproductions of soup tins and Marilyn Monroe, as… Continue Reading →

Birdeatsbaby – The Bullet Within (Dead Round Eyes)

Subconsciously knowing that this was next on my review pile I had a really strange dream last night involving birds trying to eat babies. I guess looking at the band name one assumes that it is a human baby being… Continue Reading →

Feature & Interview Alt-Fest

There is a clue in the name and Alt-Fest is very much the alternative festival that we in the UK could only have dreamed about a few years ago. It was then that announcements were made telling us about this… Continue Reading →

Aesthetic Perfection – Til Death (Metropolis)

I have seen the name of this lot plenty of times as far as on the live front is concerned and indeed note they have a headlining show at the London Underworld on the 20th of February with Faderhead. Plug… Continue Reading →

Almost Human – ø (Suisa)

Not to be confused with various other ‘almost humans’ this lot are the Swiss version who simply class themselves as a metal band. Obviously there is a bit more to it than that as this nicely packaged card EP designed… Continue Reading →

The Defiled – Daggers (Nuclear Blast)

The Defiled, a hardcore metal bunch of guys from London, were formed in 2005 and released their first EP in 2009 titled ‘1888’ and shortly after, they released their first album “Grave Times’ which was given away free with Metal… Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre – Hide And Seek (Out Of Line)

You never know quite what to expect in a game of hide and seek. It could be a nice surprise or a nasty shock, or you might be one of those poor unfortunate people who hides for ages whilst everyone… Continue Reading →

Faith No More (and some other stuff), Sonisphere France, Amnéville, 07/07/2012

A little background: Obviously Sonisphere UK was cancelled this year, and from the outside looking in, it seemed squarely down to greed. To change the format from a two day event with a fair number of decent bands to a… Continue Reading →

Latexxx Teens – Adrenochrome Redux (Deathwatch Asia)

The fact that site editor Luci and I both got an email with subject header Latexxx Teens and she immediately deleted it and I immediately opened it speaks for itself. It was not grubby spam as I expected but actually… Continue Reading →

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