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Deviate Damaen – In Sanctitate Benignitatis Non Miseretur (Masked Dead Records)

Right. I speak not a word of Italian. Or German. I know literally a handful of individual words of Latin. So of course I’m reviewing this. Despite that I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the… Continue Reading →

Hangman’s Chair – Banlieue Triste (Spinefarm)

I first came across this pretty unclassifiable French band with their 2015 album ‘This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive’. As this titles translates to something like ‘Sad Suburb’ you can tell their mood or preoccupations haven’t improved much over… Continue Reading →

Lisa Cuthbert – Hextapes (Iron Bonehead)

This album arrived and immediately induced a sense of slight shame that I didn’t know the name Lisa Cuthbert, as she has worked with an extraordinarily wide range of bands from Marillion through The Sisters Of Mercy to Draconian and… Continue Reading →

Ayreon – The Source (Music Theories Recordings)

It’s a bit of a thankless task reviewing a new Ayreon album. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a joy to hear but…what do you say? Arjen Lucassen puts so much info out there pre-release that all the Ayreon fans… Continue Reading →

Wounded Cross – Bonecrusher (Blackened Death Records)

It’s always good to have a new band cross your path, and the arrival of a hand written CD-R does give a little frisson of nostalgia, almost taking me back to the days when music was swapped via the media… Continue Reading →

Black Space Riders – Refugeeum (Black Space Records)

There is an old adage that goes if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all (dear editor, is that okay?  No!  Oh well.) Here comes the part of this review lark I hate the most, namely being… Continue Reading →

Starsoup – Bazaar of Wonders (Sublimity Records)

I am no stranger to prog. I am the only person I know who has been following since the 80’s such bands as; Yes, Pink Floyd before Roger Waters launched copyright suits, when the majority of the band had to… Continue Reading →

Tritonus – Prison of Light (Tritech Music)

Hmm. To get all classical, a tritone strictly speaking in musical terms is an interval composed of three adjacent whole tones, sometimes know as “The Devil’s Tritone”, and well used by classical composers and Iron Maiden alike to invoke a… Continue Reading →

Poema Arcanus – Transient Chronicles (Solitude)

This little beastie sits next to Procession in my listings. Odd as they both play a style of doom. And both come from Chile. And both have these great, haunting, deep, clean vocals. That’s where similarities end, though. Poema Arcanus… Continue Reading →

A Forest Of Stars – A Shadowplay For Yesterdays (Prophecy)

[Very strangely a second word doc turned up with this review and puzzled us a fair old bit. Sometimes the music we listen to does really get beneath the skin and does strange things to us poor writers and it… Continue Reading →

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