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Visigoth - Conqueror's Oath (Metal Blade)

Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath (Metal Blade)

I’ll clear one thing up straight away, Visigoth aren’t Goth in any way. I was once misled in a similar way by Belgian Metallers Ostrogoth, who also aren’t Goth-like…but they do have a little in common with Visigoth ironically. Not that I wanted either of.. Read More
Anvil – Pounding the Pavement (SPV)

Anvil – Pounding the Pavement (SPV)

It takes me about a minute to realise that Anvil’s first track Bitch in the Box isn’t about matricide or anything so eeeeeevil and metal. How things have changed. When I first picked up an Anvil record, Forged in Fire, from a second hand record.. Read More
RAM - Rod (Metal Blade)

RAM – Rod (Metal Blade)

All hail Ramrod the destroyer! Sweden’s RAM had a particularly favourable release in ‘Svbversvm’ on their last outing and have developed with each release since I discovered them on their debut EP. A partial concept album based on Ramrod the Destroyer, in part the first.. Read More
Masters of Disguise - Alpha Omega (Limb Music)

Masters of Disguise – Alpha Omega (Limb Music)

German speed metal with class, a pretty accurate description. Masters Of Disguise previous material is top notch stuff from a genre that was always my favourite. Obviously, those who know the band will know their love of the band Savage Grace, their name, previous album.. Read More
Dream Evil – Six (Century Media)

Dream Evil – Six (Century Media)

It has been seven years since any new material emerged from this Swedish metal outfit, that at one time boasted Gus G and Snowy Shaw in the ranks, which isn’t to diminish the stature of the current line-up which is formidable to say the least.. Read More
Holy Martyr – Darkness Shall Prevail (Dragonheart Records)

Holy Martyr – Darkness Shall Prevail (Dragonheart Records)

Another year arrives bring the arrival of another metal scene being hastily revived from the past like some tattered denim wearing corpse. With the possible exception of the 60s psychedelic doom of Jex Thoth and Blood Ceremony, I’ve yet to see any other such revival.. Read More
Sanctuary – Inception (Century Media)

Sanctuary – Inception (Century Media)

Not a new album – quite the opposite! This is actually how it all started, this is how the band sounded before they were signed, before Dave Mustaine’s mentor-ship, before…to put it into a musical time context, these tracks were actually recorded before fellow Seattlers.. Read More
Hammer King - King Is Rising (Cruz Del Sur)

Hammer King – King Is Rising (Cruz Del Sur)

The Franco-Teutonic hammer wielder’s are back again. After establishing their realm with ‘Kingdom Of the Hammer King’, the highly acclaimed power metal four piece are this time bringing musical tales of how their king has come to rule. With more of what you would expect.. Read More
Sacred Steel - Heavy Metal Sacrifice (Cruz Del Sur)

Sacred Steel – Heavy Metal Sacrifice (Cruz Del Sur)

Wow, has it really been 20 years! Germany came out with some proper metal bands at a time when metal was coming back again. One of the bands that always cropped up for me was epic power metallers Sacred Steel. These war gods of metal.. Read More
Ravensire - The Cycle Never Ends (Cruz Del Sur)

Ravensire – The Cycle Never Ends (Cruz Del Sur)

This Portuguese band were a nice find about four years ago and with the then debut EP ‘Iron Will’ showed epic metal promise. Forward through their 2013 release ‘We March Forward’ we come to ‘The Cycle That Never Ends’. It’s safe to say if you.. Read More
Primal Fear - Rulebreaker (Frontiers)

Primal Fear – Rulebreaker (Frontiers)

Back in 1997, Rob Halford had just left Judas Priest. You may be wondering why I am stating this but fear not for it is leading somewhere. Because of Halford’s departure, a talented vocalist from Germany by the name of Ralf Scheepers (formerly of Gamma.. Read More
Rhapsody Of Fire - Into The Legend (AFM)

Rhapsody Of Fire – Into The Legend (AFM)

I was aware of this latest effort from Rhapsody Of Fire well before it came up for review and pre-ordered the geeky dragon statue version of the release plus a coloured vinyl to placate my vinyl addiction some time ago. As a band I’ve followed.. Read More