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Come To Daddy – Ant Timpson (Signature Entertainment)

Although this is Ant Timpson’s directorial full-length feature, he is a name that should be familiar to genre fans due to production duties on films such as Turbo Kid, The ABC’s Of Death compendiums, Deathgasm and The Greasy Strangler among… Continue Reading →

Skinner – Ivan Nagy (101 Films)

While we have some great companies in the UK releasing genre titles there’s a huge amount of output going on Stateside as well. Production houses such as Synapse, Blue Underground, Severin, Vinegar Syndrome, Code Red and Mondo Macabro really deliver… Continue Reading →

Ultra Damaged: Damaged Inc. Zine Anthology 1985-2017 – Maniac (Cult Never Dies)

“Wanna buy a fanzine mate?” Ah those desperate calls for beer money at gigs have long gone. No more hawking wares with names like Organ, Dog, P’tahk, Satellite and err Kentucky Fried Afterbirth. The Internet has taken over and the… Continue Reading →

Gods Forsaken – In a Pitch Black Grave (SoulSeller Records)

Old School Swedish Death Metal. If you’re short on time, you could just read those first five words and have a pretty accurate view of what this album is like. That guitar sound is now so ubiquitous that it usually… Continue Reading →

Madman – Joe Giannone (Arrow)

I wasn’t actually sure whether I had seen this 1982 movie back in the day prior to sitting down and watching Arrow’s brand new spanking hi-def upgrade of it. Not surprising really as there were more maniacs, madmen and mutilators… Continue Reading →

Shining – 8 ½ Feberdrömmar i vaket tillstånd (Dark Essence)

With so many bands going for the numerical album title I cannot think of any that have included a ½? I’m sure there are some out there and somebody will write in but there is a reason behind Swedish band… Continue Reading →

Motel Hell – Kevin Connor (Arrow)

Kevin Connor started off his film making career with classic Amicus Anthology ‘From Beyond The Grave’ (1974). From there he went into Edgar Rice Burroughs fantasy fare and put Doug McClure well and truly on the map with the likes… Continue Reading →

A Look ‘Inside’ – French Extremity Part Four

Behind You!  The stalk and slash film was really enjoying a resurgence around now, it is as though the terror of putting people in peril was ever more popular. France is a country that has done an admirable job in… Continue Reading →

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