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Testament, Exodus & Death Angel – Manchester Academy 7/3/20

Without question this stellar thrash package, dubbed ‘The Bay Area Strikes Back’, was the best to hit our shores in a very long time. Indeed the legacy of each band is legendary to say the least as this colossal tour… Continue Reading →

Batushka, Malevolent Creation & Konkhra – Manchester Academy 3 5/3/20

Tonight promised to be pulverising, battering and downright brutal as 3 colossal forces were meeting within the cramped confines of the Academy. The pre gig information did however raise some questions, if there are three bands on the bill, why… Continue Reading →

Blue Oyster Cult: 45th Anniversary Tour – Manchester Academy 25-06-17

I have two lists of bands I would like to get round to seeing. One is the ‘Bands to see before I die’, the other is ‘Bands to see before THEY die’… Morbid and inappropriate? Maybe… BUT the fact remains,… Continue Reading →

Tarja & My Own Ghost – Manchester Academy 2 – 9/3/17

I was excited but a little apprehensive about this show, as I had seen Tarja, on numerous occasions, with the colossus giants that are Nightwish, but never alone. So, whilst I was excited to see her, now that she has… Continue Reading →

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