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Malthusian – Across Deaths (Invictus)

Well let’s face it, this was never going to be pretty. Irish extremists Malthusian more than proved themselves with 2015 EP ‘Below The Hengiform’ as well as at various live eviscerations. They have been quiet for a while but now… Continue Reading →

Doom Over London Part 1 – London Dome 25/3/16

Easter Weekend and held over 3 days, Doom Over London hits town at a busy time that sees a stack of gigs as well as other festivals such as Inferno in Oslo and North Of The Wall in Glasgow. This… Continue Reading →

Mourning Beloveth – Rust & Bone (Vàn)

From Dust to Rust … my first encounter with Irish doomsters was their 2001 album “Dust”, after the band came to my attention on recommendation and I bought it. This one is now album number 6. Inevitable comparisons can be… Continue Reading →

Primordial, Winterfylleth, Portrait & Malthusian – London Islington Academy 7/2/15

It’s a chilly evening and we scurry quickly into the venue to warm up as soon as doors open at 5PM. It may well be an early start but well worth getting down in time for opening band Malthusian who… Continue Reading →

Zom – Flesh Assimilation (Invictus)

It’s about time we got a full length album from Irish black, doom, crust scumbags Zom. For those that have caught them live they really do deliver the goods and leave their mark on you and having seen them twice… Continue Reading →

Krawwl & Barshasketh – Split (Human Jigsaw)

Is that what the human brain looks like on the cover, well it might be after putting it through the paces of listening to the first band on this split release Krawwl [7] from Ireland. Luckily I have had an… Continue Reading →

Abaddon Incarnate – Pessimist (Candlelight)

Personally, it came as a bit of a surprise to discover that Abaddon Incarnate were releasing a new album. Unaware that they were still going, my last point of contact with the band was 2004’s ‘Dark Crusade’. While an extremely… Continue Reading →

Mystifier, Bolzer, Cruciamentum, Spearhead, Malthusian and Zom – London Dome 7/6/14

Killer line up this one, London is well and truly spoiled by the sort of bill we often look at in other European destinations and think will never come to England, but it did and by the time doors open… Continue Reading →

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