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Burning Ground – Last Day Of Light (Minotauro Records)

Although this is Burning Ground’s debut full length album, they’ve been enriching the Metal scene in their native Italy since 2002. A few line-up changes have ensued, as they always do, but the longevity in the band’s history shines through… Continue Reading →

Paradox – Pangea (AFM)

It’s an unfortunate fact that many 80’s Metal bands, right across the board, just can’t win whatever they do. Thrash bands cop for it more than most because of the 90’s. They either split up (and get a kicking for… Continue Reading →

Helstar – This Wicked Nest (AFM)

  American Speed Metal (fast and furious, usually with some form of sporadic high pitched vocal, double-kick drums flying all over the place, frenetic riffing, but stopping just short of Thrash) was one of the 80’s Metal styles that never… Continue Reading →

Tragodia – Mythmaker (Kolony)

On the surface, Italy’s Tragodia seemed easy enough to pigeon-hole. Power Metal in attitude with Progressive elements. Prog/Power. And yes, the opening track fits nicely into the niche. But as the album continues it becomes evident that they aren’t really… Continue Reading →

New Eden – Solving for X (Pure Steel Records)

Having a few releases behind them and once featuring James Rivera (Helstar/Malice) on vocals, New Eden return after a massive 9 year break between releases, a band originally formed in 1993 by Steel Prophet guitarist Horacio Colmenares. ‘Solving for X’… Continue Reading →

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