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Waylander – Eriu’s Wheel (Listenable Records)

Funny how time gathers speed as you roll downhill into the grave. Seasons begun to whirl instead of waltz and intentions gather dust in the corner as you struggle to keep pace with the dance. Sadly Waylander were one of… Continue Reading →

Celtachor – Fiannaoícht (Trollzorn)

Ah yes: the windswept moors, endless days of rain, blue woad and blood sacrifice for cruel gods of the far reaches of the Western world. Unless you’ve been buried in a peat bog for the past decade, you won’t have… Continue Reading →

Eternal Helcaraxe – In Desperate Times (Naturmacht Productions)

Somewhere around five years ago I reviewed the debut album by this Irish band, and was very taken with its blend of Viking aggression and melody, even if ‘Invictus’ is probably the best song Amon Amarth never wrote. Then silence…. Continue Reading →

Nechochwen – Heart Of Akamon (Nordvis)

One of the least mentioned aspects of this misunderstood-but-we’re-secretly-glad metal genre we all love is the willingness to explore and embrace other cultures, particularly in their mythic or historical sense. Yeah, the Daily Hate wouldn’t believe it, but it does…. Continue Reading →

Celtachor – Nuada Of The Silver Arm (Trollzorn)

Celtachor have returned in fine form with their rough and raw brand of pagan metal and a mission to educate us all in a bit of Irish folklore. The good news upfront is that, this time round, the Irish whistle… Continue Reading →

Interview – Mael Mordha

I think it’s safe to say that Damned When Dead by Mael Mordha is not just one of the year’s most enthralling releases, but also one of the most passionate, imaginative and epic. With so much drama and history within,… Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – York The Duchess 27-28/9/13

Friday 27/09/13 There can be few cities more appropriate to host a festival of predominantly pagan/Viking metal than the place that previously was named Jorvik (and before that Eboracum), and there it’s a beautiful bright day to greet us too…. Continue Reading →

Sinister Realm – World Of Evil (Shadow Kingdom)

Even with the current rude health exhibited by the more traditional end of the NWOBHM inspired heavy metal spectrum, with two previously well received album’s it’s fair to say that Allentown PA gang Sinister Realm have well and truly got… Continue Reading →

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