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Machine Head

Praying Angel – The Judgement (Boersma Records)

I often feel for upcoming metal bands dealing with the constant wrangling of genre tagging and the inevitable pigeon holing that that stigma attaches to a band whether in a positive or negative light. For some that negativity can stain… Continue Reading →

Sinsaenum – Repulsion for Humanity (earMUSIC)

Sinsaenum is the brain child of Dragonforce bassist, Frederic Leclercq, who back in 2010 formulated some ideas to create a death metal beast. These ideas weren’t cemented into the metal worlds foundations until 2016, when Stephane Buriez, of Loudblast, and… Continue Reading →

Pentarium – Zwischenwelt (Boersma Records)

Translating to “The Inbetween World”, Zwischenwelt is a slice of Lovecraftian inspired Melodic Death Metal mixed in with some elements of modern metal and plenty of symphonic grandeur. With inspiration from the darkest depths and unfathomable, primordial forces which the… Continue Reading →

Machine Head – Catharsis (Nuclear Blast)

It was suggested to give this album a couple listens before weighing in with my review. The first song is starting for a second time as I pen this intro because after an hour and a quarter of listening to… Continue Reading →

Diablo Blvd- Zero Hour (Nuclear Blast)

Fronted by stand up comic Alex Agnew, Belgium’s Diablo Blvd are anything but a humorous act. Quite the contrary, latest release “Zero Hour” finds the band exploring humankind’s darker side within a world that just keeps getting things wrong. Their… Continue Reading →

LeadRobot – ST (S/R)

Groove Metal four piece LeadRobot from Leeds are rather heavy. With clever use of samples, a massive sound, heavy as hell tone and some thundering work from the rhythm section, the four components of the band really pull no punches… Continue Reading →

Once Human – Evolution (EARmusic)

Once Human are the brainchild of Logan Mader, the man many of us remember for being ‘that guy who played guitar’ on the first Machine Head Albums and helped Max Cavalera out with Soulfly in its early days before going… Continue Reading →

Blackdrawn – S/T (S/R)

Thessaloniki has been one of the hotbeds of creativity for Greece throughout the country’s long and rich history, giving the country some of its best composers, musicians and other creative artsy-types. The latest offering which is more suited to my… Continue Reading →

Livhzuena – Dark Mirror Neurons (Klonosphere)

Hailing from the Côtes-d’Armor region of Brittany in North Western France, Death Metal five piece Livhzuena have a real hard hitting sound. Formed in 2011 and having one EP released in 2013, the five piece have just recently released their… Continue Reading →

Pitbulls in the Nursery- Equanimity (Klonosphere)

There is no genre quite so difficult to nail as Progressive Death Metal. There is a fine art to striking that perfect balance between thunderous, crushing grooves and keeping the listener perpetually wondering what they’re going to hear next. Thankfully,… Continue Reading →

Apontokation – Conquerors beyond the Stars (S/R)

The Spanish four pieces first release is a wonderfully accessible one. Conquerors beyond the Stars sits somewhere slap bang in the middle between both generic and extreme metal, possessing the infectious riffs of bands like Devildriver and Machine Head with… Continue Reading →

Warfaith – Wise Man Is Dead (S/R)

This is a French thrash band, although to my mind this isn’t thrash as I would normally categorise as being so. It’s very modern, very nineties and noughties, it has aggressive “core” vocals, a few riffs here and there that… Continue Reading →

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