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Lord Belial

Unmensch – Scorn (Immortal Frost Productions)

I was surprised to learn that Unmensch hadn’t been snapped up as a name. It’s as it sounds. This is a cold and misanthropic black metal band from Belgium, with whom, we’re told, comparisons can be made with the likes… Continue Reading →

Allone – Alone (Aesthetic Death)

Can you ever be truly Alone when you have 2 l’s? Deep and complicated question to ponder but thankfully the music may well provide some answers and this is not a solo project but the work of a London based… Continue Reading →

Cwealm – Odes to No Hereafter (Dusktone)

Cwealm is a one man black metal project from Sweden. Comparison has been made with 1990s bands releasing material on the No Fashion label such as Lord Belial, Mörk Gryning and Sacramentum. After a spooky opening, “Pale Maleficence” fires off… Continue Reading →

Between The Frost & Evnar – From The Roots 1993-2105 & E.V.N.A.R. Albums (Winter Demons)

I’m throwing these two in together as both Spanish bands have intertwined members and a lot of common ground between them. Both albums have been recently released by Winter Demons and offshoot of the Darkwoods label who embrace all things… Continue Reading →

Hegemon – The Hierarch (Season of Mist)

Hegemon have been around for a while now – two decades to be exact – shuffling around on the underground with a couple of half decent full-length releases before an album with Season of Mist in 2008. Contemptus Mundi also… Continue Reading →

Zardens – Blackness Unfolds (Satanath)

I remembered this Belgian band from their 2012 album ‘Breeding The Dark’ which was a good debut of highly proficient melodic black metal in the vein of many bands within the Scandinavian scene. At the time I said I hoped… Continue Reading →

Murg – Varg & Björn (Nordvis)

It’s been a good year for classic black metal with the bar raised pretty high by a bunch of bands that could easily form the beginnings of a decent top ten even at this stage. So it shouldn’t come as… Continue Reading →

Karne – Faith in Flesh (Quality Steel)

In these times when some corners of the black metal scene feel a bit too much like the musical equivalent of a faithful old Labrador – great company for a cold winter evening walk in the woods but about as… Continue Reading →

Akrotheism – Behold the Son of Plagues (Odium)

The Norwegians may have got there first and the French carry the banner for the most adventurous and bizarre, but the Greeks, well, they just seem to do it better than anyone else. Exhibit A: Akrotheism, who may not be… Continue Reading →

Ensnared – Ravenous Damnations Dawn (Nuclear Winter)

Perfect triplet of unconnected words making up the title of this debut EP from Swede deathsters Ensnared but it gives you a clue what to expect; hunger suffering and the cold light of day. Having previously been active as Gravehammer… Continue Reading →

Warfect – Exoneration Denied (Cyclone Empire)

The press release labels this trio as Swedish Thrash Maniacs and while I can wholly concur in regards to this statement musically, Fredrik Wester’s vocals are more a blend of Gothenburg death metal and black metal rasps than any thrash… Continue Reading →

Denouncement Pyre – Almighty Arcanum (Hells Headbangers)

This Melbourne based lot have been around since 2004 and have released a fair few demos, splits, EP’s and an album ‘World Cremation’ in 2010, prior to this. I have to admit that they had pretty much escaped me until… Continue Reading →

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