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Taake, Wode & The Infernal Sea – London Underworld 12/12/19

As the country and the weather goes to hell in a handcart it’s a relief to get into The Underworld this evening and take refuge from it all for a few hours. Taake are back and are one of the… Continue Reading →

Dodheimsgard, Bölzer, Blaze Of Perdition, Matterhorn – London Underworld 10/12/19

The Void Dancers MMXIX Tour swings into London on a cold, wet and miserable Tuesday night and I was not sure how well attended it was going to be with so much happening including Taake at this very venue in… Continue Reading →

Exhorder, The Bleeding, Blasphemer – London Underworld – 7/10/19

The first thing I noticed when I walked down into the bowels of the venue was the new on-slip, soft vinyl flooring that is now covering the hard wood floor. I guess truly gone are the days when you would… Continue Reading →

SepticFlesh, Inquisition & Stahlsarg – London Underworld 22/1/18

SepticFlesh do not exactly play the UK very often and with just the London date and Inquisition joining as co-headliners this was always going to be a busy one. It would have been very interesting to see Egyptian band Odious… Continue Reading →

Dopethrone, GURT, Limb, Wizard Fight – London Underworld 11/9/16

To round off a four-date UK tour, Canadian sludge fiends, Dopethrone, roll into Camden this evening to spark blunts and riotous pits at The Underworld. Wizard Fight get things off to an explosive start, with high octane riffs and bellowing… Continue Reading →

36 Crazyfists, Armed For Apocalypse, Thera, Man The Machetes @ London Underworld 18/11/13

It’s late on a Monday night and The Underworld in Camden is packed to capacity. When they’re not crowdsurfing, cheering or chanting, this sea of metalheads are bouncing about like lunatics. Who cares that they may well have already seen… Continue Reading →

Virus, Vulture Industries, Krakow & Mondvolland – London Underworld 11/12/12

Scroll to bottom of feature for tripped out photo gallery.  There’s a silly amount of things on this time of year and simply not having funds or energy to go to much means picking and choosing very carefully. I had… Continue Reading →

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