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Void – Jettatura (Ladlo Productions)

If you are gonna thrash do it blackly said someone very sensibly once, or perhaps it was just me. That’s the way I like it though baby and a good dose of black n’ roll always hits the mark and… Continue Reading →

Dayal Patterson – Black Metal Into The Abyss (The Cult Never Dies)

If such honours were bestowed Dayal Patterson is fast becoming the person most likely to be recognised as being an official biographer of the black metal scene. This is now his third book following on from Feral House publication Black… Continue Reading →

Khors – Night Falls onto the Front of Ours (Candelight)

Khors seem to have been carving a good reputation for a long time, treading a path of heathen black metal, so I was surprised to find out that their first album was not released until 2005. “Night Falls onto the… Continue Reading →

Vyrju – Black (Black Forest)

It’s black and on Black Forest Records, that should give you some idea what to expect in the way of pine scented glory from this EP. Hailing from Norway but also with further flung help which I shall get to… Continue Reading →

Grift – Fyra Elegier (Nordvis)

In a weird case of synchronicity, as I decided what reviews were next in line to go up and sat down to write this one up to join them, I noticed that one of this duo is also a member… Continue Reading →

Freitod – Regenjahre (Ván Records)

This is the second album by Germany’s Freitod. “Regenjahre” (Rain Years) consists of 6 meaty chunks of dark-black metal and then an even meatier 12 minute track “Wenn Alles Zerbricht” (When Everything Collapses). I have listened to this album and… Continue Reading →

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