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Lock-Up - Demonization (Listenable)

Lock-Up – Demonization (Listenable)

The grindcore supergroup of intense proportions is back once again and they aren’t fucking around with this release. This of course is perfect considering their current touring schedule which includes Napalm Death, Power Trip and Brujeria!!! With Shane Embury and Nick Barker, the two ever.. Read More
Foetal Juice - Masters Of Absurdity (Grindscene Records)

Foetal Juice – Masters Of Absurdity (Grindscene Records)

“We’re not like those other death metal bands who sing about killing and blood and guts. We sing about silly shit like a Nun taking a piss in the font” This statement (Or words to that effect), straight from the mouth of Sam, the vocalist.. Read More
Ancient - Back To The Land Of The Dead (Soulseller)

Ancient – Back To The Land Of The Dead (Soulseller)

I haven’t listened to Ancient in years and the last album I had was ‘Night Visit’. I was going to say I’ve probably got some catching up to do now, but nope, this is the first thing Zel’s done in 12 years but the wait.. Read More
Refusal – We Rot Within (F.D.A. Rekotz)

Refusal – We Rot Within (F.D.A. Rekotz)

2016 see’s the return of Finnish grinders Refusal with their first official full length release We Rot Within. Having been creating aggressive, grinding death since 2008, Refusal have seriously upped their game with We Rot Within, which consists of nine golden nuggets of death metal.. Read More
Aborted – Termination Redux (Century Media)

Aborted – Termination Redux (Century Media)

When one of Europe’s strongest death metal bands, who can literally do no wrong when it comes to churning out powerful grinding death metal, unleash their latest EP onto the world, it’s sufficient enough to say that the expectations for said EP are going to.. Read More
Chronocide - Meditations (Human Jigsaw)

Chronocide – Meditations (Human Jigsaw)

If you haven’t heard Chronocide before, allow me to summarise them for you in three words: Nihilistic Miserable Intensity. “Nothus” and “Eversor” formed the band in 2008 and spent most of 2009 working on material, releasing a 4 track demo and then in 2010, they.. Read More
At The Gates - At War With Reality (Century Media)

At The Gates – At War With Reality (Century Media)

This is something a lot of us have been waiting a long time for. Back in 2008, the legendary Scandinavian death metal pioneers reformed for a series of festival dates and at that time, they announced that they weren’t going to write any new material... Read More
Dripback – Failed Futures (4 Family Records)

Dripback – Failed Futures (4 Family Records)

Stone me I’m a luckier than a cat with a strawberry flavoured arse! I’ve had a run of really good albums to review recently and that has continues with the first full length record from North London caaaaaaants Dripback. I’ve seen this bunch numerous times.. Read More
Deathquintet - Godwork (Sonic Lab)

Deathquintet – Godwork (Sonic Lab)

Ever heard of Sargatanas Reign? Well, I hadn’t and Deathquintet formed out of their ashes about 5 years ago. So while this may be a début album it’s actually a third one really and meant to be a prequel to Sargatanas Reign’s ‘Bloodwork – Techniques.. Read More

Terrorizer – Hordes Of Zombies

Artist: Terrorizer Title: Hordes Of Zombies Type: Album Label: Season Of Mist Records As with any outfit that released an album that was arguably a defining moment in a metal genre and then released nothing else the question begs as to whether said band really.. Read More