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Dead Procession – Rituais e Mantras do Medo (Labyrinth)

Do not adjust your set. This is Noise tuning straight into your slaughterhouse with some darkly gothic drone that sounds like a depressed Danzig in one of his bleakest Samhain moments. Ritualistic (as the title might suggest), sparsely populated and with… Continue Reading →

Black Cilice – Mysteries (Iron Bonehead Productions)

“Filth and fatalism” is what’s promised from this Portuguese purveyor of black metal. This is underground black metal in fact from an eerie and mystical underworld. Grainy and shadowy moaning sounds seem to be passing through a wind tunnel. “To… Continue Reading →

Welington Irish Black Warrior – Vafancuneo (Hummus Records)

The arty impression on the sleeve gives only a slight hint of what to expect. This 25 minute album by a trio from Switzerland is as curious as the band’s name. “Blackwave” is a term I’ve seen used to describe… Continue Reading →

Frozen Ocean – Steamworks: Hibernation (Operator Produkzion)

I had intended covering these three rare ambient works from Russian musicologist Vaarwel in one review but due to the weather, listening to them has been tough. Let me explain, we are in the grip of a heat-wave which in… Continue Reading →

Deth Rok – Us & Them (13th Planet)

Deth Rok, from Ministry collaborator Aaron Havill, falls into a broad category of music that I would describe as come-down music. Or, more accurately, music that you should avoid – at all costs – listening to when on an actual… Continue Reading →

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