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Devilish Impressions – Adventvs / Eritis Sicut Deus (S/R)

This EP from Devilish Impressions is special. Following their third album “Simulacra” (2012), they have released this 62 minute epic comprising two new tracks and their 2002 demo “Eritis Sicut Deus”. The re-release of ‘Eritis Sicut Deus” is not before… Continue Reading →

Abbey ov Thelema – Liber DCLXVI (Wraith Productions)

“I look forward to next instalment from this extreme and alternative band” was how I signed off “Prelude to Apocalypse” (2012). Well, the Apocalypse has arrived in the form of this 79 minute work by the Slovakian-Polish duo comprising Abbey… Continue Reading →

Vesperian Sorrow – Stormwinds of Ages (Amplitude Media Records

It’s good to know that this group from Texas are back with their 4th album. Their 2001 work “Psychotic Sculpture” brightens up my life each time I listen to it. After listening to it, I always find myself wondering why… Continue Reading →

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