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Concrete Lung – Ecstasy Of Emptiness (Armalyte)

Last heard giving us Fumes in 2017 it seems that with new album Ecstasy Of Emptiness one man industrial outfit Concrete Lung have given us the whole gas pipe to suck on. Ed Oxime the man behind it obviously likes… Continue Reading →

Damim – A Fine Game Of Nil (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

Can I say this is the debut by Damim to make it sound like I’m here, in at the beginning? Nah, ’tis their third after a slight name shift from Dam (I assume for reasons of clashes, lineup rejig or… Continue Reading →

It’s Everyone Else – Heaven Is An Empty Room (Noise Appeal Records)

Hailing from Ljubljana in Slovenia the duo of Pika Golob and Lucijan Prelog describe themselves as “Too hardcore for the electro kids, too electro for the hardcore kids.” This may prove a bit of a quandary for some listeners but… Continue Reading →

Drugzilla / Skat Injector – Virulentia (Omega Warfare Records)

Under ten minutes worth of music on this 4 track split EP but don’t worry about that, what it lacks for time wise it makes up for in other ways! Both bands here are at the very extreme electronic side… Continue Reading →

Twilight – Beneath Trident’s Tomb (Century Media)

Nobody would really have expected that this USBM meeting of minds would have made it to a third album and be signed by Century Media when they released their debut self-titled album back in 2005. It was an album that… Continue Reading →

Concrete Lung – Subtract Nerve (Armalyte)

If you have your lungs full of concrete and know this industrial wrecking crew you are not going to want to rest on your laurels if you fancy picking up this their fourth release. It is available only in the… Continue Reading →

Inebrious Bastard / Debacle – Split (Crust Almighty / Beerache)

In the corner of Ave Noctum that is forever punk, alongside the fine Selfless album we have this split from globally distant bands Debacle and Inebrious Bastard, with their members mentioning Melbourne, Sydney and the odd member from the UK’s… Continue Reading →

Inebrious Bastard – Escape From Misery (Crust Almighty)

Sir, you may be a bastard but let it not be said that at the least you are an inebrious one! Got a certain ring to it as does the name of the record label, giving you some sort of… Continue Reading →

Junkie Kut – The Hierarchy Enslaving You (Unrepresented Music)

Ah my friends, this is music to dance to, a wardance, indeed! Junkie Kut is an odd name and is of an artist who dabbles in high electronic psalms, forged for the disenfranchised and downtrodden in society. This is music… Continue Reading →

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