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Led Zeppelin

Skaarv – S/T (Kelp Forest Records)

Taking inspiration from the natural fury of their country’s coastline, Norway’s Skaarv have released their first full length album following on from 2015’s “Seed Of Justice” EP. The band have managed to secure some decent live support slots including Audrey… Continue Reading →

My Dynamite – Otherside (Listenable Records)

Straight off the bat, this album represents a style that isn’t on Ave Noctum’s playlists and is also different to what one might usually see on this label’s roster. However, the folks over at Listenable Records sent a copy over… Continue Reading →

MaidaVale – Tales Of The Wicked West (The Sign Records)

Who would’ve thought that it would take a band from Sweden to do the obvious and claim that so-often overlooked London Underground station as their own? Until now it has mainly reminded me of a rather mediocre Macc Lads song… Continue Reading →

Zodiac – Grain of Soul (Napalm)

Hey folks, do your shelves at home groan under the weight of Bon Jovi’s albums? Like Kiss, do you want to “rock and roll all night, and party every day”? Do you hear the phrase “extreme metal” and think of… Continue Reading →

Insane Vesper – Layil (Art Of Propaganda)

Hailing from Toulouse France, Insane Vesper are a quartet featuring ex members of Pestiferum, Black Worshippers and Amanite. They formed back in 2002 and it looks like they have had a fair few changes line-up wise between then and now… Continue Reading →

Scorpion Child – Acid Roulette (Nuclear Blast)

If anyone out there in the land of the internet has been following Ave Noctum for a few years, you may have read my review of Scorpion Child’s eponymous first LP, an album that held the top slot for my… Continue Reading →

Monolith – Mountain (Final Gate Records)

The whole retro thing is quite big at the moment. Bands like Kadavar, Graveyard and Horisont are names we see quite often because they do it well. Obviously, the key to success is not pure imitation, but taking those late… Continue Reading →

Redwolves – Walking Roads (S/R)

Redwolves hail from Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite some early career line-up changes and a name change from Awesome Mr Powerwolf, they are now getting ready for the release of a new EP, “Walking Roads”.  This has the feel of a band… Continue Reading →

Magic Circle – Journey Blind (20 Buck Spin)

Seeking high adventure on the internet last year I stepped into the aimless void that is the world wide web with an unusual clarity of purpose. Long had it been since my soul had been stirred… No, this is not… Continue Reading →

’77 – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us (Century Media)

Hands up who when asked where to get a dose of seventies hard rock instantly thinks “Barcelona!” Nobody? Well, me neither folks, but hailing from that beautiful city and founded by the vocal and guitar duo of the Valetta brothers,… Continue Reading →

Kadavar – Berlin (Nuclear Blast)

It is 2015 and people are panicking over Windows 10 and the Kardashians and what Facebook cause they should get behind this week. Right, feel that anxiety rising in your chest? Feel the need to get away from it all?… Continue Reading →

The Answer, Bad Touch, The Picture Books – Liverpool Arts Club 17/03/2015

St Patrick’s Day is the one day of the year you can both love and equally detest. Whilst it has a great party-like atmosphere, the amount of ‘plastic paddies’ who parade the streets in cheap green/white/orange wigs or Guinness hats… Continue Reading →

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