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Leaves Eyes, Pythia & Atrocity – London Garage 19/1/14

It’s generally quiet this time of year and after the mayhem of gigs in December it gives the much needed chance to refresh our batteries a bit. I couldn’t think of a much better band to see to start off… Continue Reading →

Legend – Spirit (Ravenheart)

If you’re a prog rock fan and you’ve never heard about Legend, it might be somewhat understandable, since their name isn’t referred that often over rock’s most reputed and trustworthy news sources. However, if you consider yourself to be an avid… Continue Reading →

Glittertind – Djevelsvart (Indie)

I find that one of the interesting things about the whole “Folk Metal” genre (and sub-genres thereof) is that each band has a slightly different take on it than their fellow acts. It’s a genre that you would think is… Continue Reading →

Leaves’ Eyes – Symphonies Of The Night (Napalm)

So the symphonic metal delights of Leaves’ Eyes are once again upon us with this their fifth album combining practically everything that has been unleashed before and enhancing all the components to write and record an album that focuses centrally… Continue Reading →

Týr – Valkyrja (Metal Blade)

Faroese Viking hammer-fanciers Týr have ventured forth again from their frozen islands to slay and conquer, this time brandishing a new and mighty weapon – the magic disc Valkyrja. The new creation – forged by Svartelves at Metal Blade following… Continue Reading →

Liv Kristine – Libertine (Napalm Records)

Those that have followed this site and its predecessor with any regularity will know that my penchant for Liv Kristine’s unique voice were sown way back when she was in Theatre Of Tragedy. I have followed her solo career and… Continue Reading →

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