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Hitten – Twist of Fate (High Roller)

Well, what a difference a fresh line up makes. Having taken hold of the Hitten mantle, new vocalist Alexx Panza really sets the bar high for traditional metal. This Spanish band, now on their third album, produce real metal taking… Continue Reading →

Striker – City of Gold (Napalm)

Canadian band Striker return with their third full length effort, they have a party in mind too. As quoted by the singer Dan Cleary “If you’re having a party at your house, then put our CD into the player and drink some beer. This music is made exactly for such moments”. True to form,… Continue Reading →

Cobra – To Hell (Van)

Peru’s traditional metal explosion includes the like of Lightning and this band Cobra, their previous release was very limited in distribution, but if you want to check out where it started, I would recommend tracking down ‘Lethal Strike’. ‘To Hell’… Continue Reading →

Jackal – Cry of the Jackal (Pure Underground Records)

This is a re-release of this Dutch bands one and only album from 1989. Unfortunately originally released during traditional metal’s decline in favour of thrash in the late 80’s, this band were doing the rounds with other notable countrymen of… Continue Reading →

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