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Syndrome – Forever and a Day (ConSouling Sounds)

Masterminded by Amenra’s Mathieu Vandekerckhov, ‘Forever and a Day’ is the second release from Belgian one man project Syndrome. Consisting of two tracks, totalling at just over 35 minutes, ‘Forever and a Day’ is a meditative experience that focuses more… Continue Reading →

Karg – Weltenasche (Art Of Propaganda)

What Austrian J.J. (the artist formerly known as V. Wahntraum) does is a mouthful, but what the one-man Austrian band calls himself is not. He dabbles in ambient-oriented, post-atmospheric black metal but he simply calls his project KARG. Weltensache is… Continue Reading →

Siviyj Yar – From The Dead Villages, Darkness (Avantgarde)

Сивый Яр or to give them their more pronounceable name Sivyj Yar are a Russian outfit who have several releases including three albums prior to this, my first encounter with them. It would appear that everything we hear from them… Continue Reading →

Lantlos, Fen, Falloch & Krawwl – London Boston Arms 23/9/13

A nice mellow post-black-gaze gig tonight not that anyone told the drinkers in the pub next door who are having a right old ding dong of it with the police as many turn up. First on the stage tonight are… Continue Reading →

Lantlôs – Melting Sun (Prophecy)

German musician, Herbst, has created two of the most iconic albums in blackgaze music – ‘.neon’ and ‘Agape’ – both were collaborations with Alcest’s Neige and fans have been anxiously awaiting the product of Herbst’s solo effort, after the pair… Continue Reading →

Harakiri For The Sky – ST (Art Of Propaganda)

So cutting your stomach open and performing ritual suicide for the sky! Well it’s an interesting name adopted by this duo from Austria (and there are already four called Seppuku) so what of the actual music on this debut album?… Continue Reading →

Interview – Eis

After three years of significant change Eïs has emerged from the destructive oceanic forces of legal threats, a change of name and the departure of several members last year. Judging by the latest album Wetterkreuz the band has emerged stronger… Continue Reading →

Bauda – Euphoria… Of Flesh, Men and The Great Escape (A Sad Sadness Song)

The moments when man places his own needs above those of the natural world might be described as blots on our historical landscape. César Marquez, a conceptual artist, master of multi-instrumentalism and the man behind Bauda from Santiago in Chile,… Continue Reading →

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