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TraumeR – History (Rock Of Angels)

Yep, not a typing error, the band appear to like their name written with a capital R on the end, so as I did with BattleroaR last year, I shall humour them and carry on the tradition. TraumeR (see, told… Continue Reading →

Magic Kingdom – Savage Requiem (AFM)

Magic Kingdom…Magic Kingdom…oh yeah, debuted in 1999 with an album of decent Power Metal struggling through ropey production and wrapped in a terrible cover! Well, everyone has to start somewhere and follow-up “Metallic Tragedy”, belied it’s portentous title and was… Continue Reading →

Silent Call – Truth’s Redemption (Dust On The Tracks)

I’m torn. Torn between championing the cause of a massively underrated and under-exposed Metal band, and the pride I feel when chatting about Progressive Metal to like minded people and playing them Silent Call – who invariably they have never… Continue Reading →

My Refuge – Living In Anger (SR)

My Refuge are an Italian Metal band (there’s no dragon on the cover so they aren’t stereotypically power metal) with a shiny new four track EP to unleash on the world. And it’s very professionally done in all aspects –… Continue Reading →

Dragonhammer – The X Experiment (My Kingdom)

Italian Power Metal and Dragons. It’s almost a given isn’t it? Dragon-this, Dragon-that…so what do we have here? Dragonhammer eh? A Dragon with a penchant for woodwork maybe? OK, safety goggles at the ready, let’s see if I can hit… Continue Reading →

Derdian – Limbo (SR)

‘Limbo’. Quite apt as it goes… Italy’s Symphonic Neoclassical Progressive Power Metallers (!) Derdian have spent their last 3 albums exploring the realms of their self enforced Fantasy land trilogy, limiting them lyrically and planting them firmly in the shadow… Continue Reading →

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