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11 Paranoias – Asterismal (Ritual Productions)

11 Paranoias don’t do things on a small scale, it is full on mind-fuckery across every level of their releases. From the artwork to the music to their approach to bringing it all together, the experimental noise/psych/doom three-piece have returned… Continue Reading →

11 Paranoias – Stealing Fire From Heaven (Ritual Productions)

11 Paranoia’s are an interesting bunch. Relying solely on improvisation and stream of consciousness/heat of the moment song writing, the seriously psychedelic, fuzzed out doom trio have carved out a unique sound and approach to their craft and the result… Continue Reading →

Dripback – Failed Futures (4 Family Records)

Stone me I’m a luckier than a cat with a strawberry flavoured arse! I’ve had a run of really good albums to review recently and that has continues with the first full length record from North London caaaaaaants Dripback. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Satan’s Wrath – Aeons Of Satan’s Reign (Metal Blade)

Remember when life was simple? Remember when heavy metal was just, well, heavy metal? No internet but we had tape trading, Shades Records, Mega-Metal Kerrang, Sounds, bullet belts and pints of snakebite on a Friday night down Kings Nightclub in… Continue Reading →

Pure Negative – Insert [Twist] Pull (SR)

Pure Negative in the house! Well they should be in the house but if they were they would be squatting it as they have no home, no label willing to pick them up and give them some love and warmth,… Continue Reading →

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