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Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard – Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll (Napalm)

With a moniker that sounds like a collaboration between the Discovery Channel and SyFy come these rock and roll outlaws from Melbourne.  Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll like the band name is a mish-mash of styles.  J Fuller from Blood Duster… Continue Reading →

John Garcia – The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues (Napalm)

If this were an album by any other artist or band, you would wonder just what they were taking as you look at the title of it… But it is not. It is an album by the man who is… Continue Reading →

1000 Mods – Repeated Exposure To… (Ouga Booga and The Mighty Oug)

Greece seems to have a talent pool of stoner inspired bands. 1000 Mods sit happily amongst them and new album, “Repeated Exposure To…” is a continuation of the band’s growing output. Having supported bands like Graveyard, The Black Keys and… Continue Reading →

Buzzard Canyon – Hellfire & Whiskey (Salt Of The Earth Records)

There is nothing quite like filthy sounding rock n roll. There is just something in it which makes you want to get up and just go ‘Fuck It!’, letting go of everything and letting the energy it carries make you… Continue Reading →

Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band – Tao Of The Devil (Napalm)

“I got all that I need… I got the green…” These are the ten words which open this album, and adequately serve as a synopsis of what to expect. Stereotypical? Perhaps.. But when you look at the mastermind behind this… Continue Reading →

Broken Hand Charity – Gotterdammerung (S/R)

Danish outfit, Broken Hand Charity have been kicking about since 2008 and have always done their own thing their own way. Currently in the middle of recruiting for a drummer and a bassist, the Danish alternative rock outfit have a… Continue Reading →

Teverts – Towards The Red Skies (Subsound)

There are plenty of stoner metal bands around the world with a very common mission statement and, indeed sound. That’s natural. I find it a difficult thing sometimes, because there is often a fine line between influence and imitation and… Continue Reading →

Wolfgang – Castle In The Woods (Fuzzpanzer)

Wolfgang’s history goes back a fair way despite “Castle In The Woods” being only their second album. Having released their first work in 1998 –“Welcome To The Cactus Mountains”, the Norwegians have had numerous distractions to take them away from… Continue Reading →

Pander – Fierce Self (Metalization)

Formed in 2011, Pander are a four piece Dutch group who have mastered the art of delivering gut-busting stoner metal fuelled riffery. “Fierce Self” reflects a band who appear to be on a single-minded mission to rumble mercilessly through your… Continue Reading →

El Caco – 7 (Indie)

Norway isn’t a country you would predominantly associate with metal which wasn’t of the grim, kvlt and frostbitten variety, but thanks to bands like Lonely Kamel and Audrey Horne, this is slowly changing. El Caco (Spanish for Thief) join the… Continue Reading →

Appollonia – Dull Parade (S/R)

Those of us who have been eager for the return of beautiful, melancholic heaviness of grunge can officially rejoice, as French Trio Appollonia’s fourth full length release Dull Parade is set to satisfy every last miserable bone in your body…. Continue Reading →

PIST – Rhythm & Booze (When Planets Collide)

Formed in 2013 with one aim – to bring the worship of the riff to the masses, the Manchester based four piece PIST have been working overtime. Touring extensively in support of the fantastic “Riffology” EP and being rewarded for… Continue Reading →

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