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The Moth Gatherer - The Earth is The Sky (Agonia)

The Moth Gatherer – The Earth is The Sky (Agonia)

Formed in Stockholm back in 2008 by two musicians who used music as a way of therapeutic release and expression to deal with sorrow and tragedy, likening it to moths gathering to a light source, the two soon became three and started making waves in.. Read More
Shakhtyor – Tunguska (Cyclone Empire)

Shakhtyor – Tunguska (Cyclone Empire)

With “demanding full-time jobs”, these Hamburgers’ often struggle to find time to write, practice and record. And yet here they are with their second album having thrashed out a finished product down at Tonmeisterei Studio with producer Roland Wiegener (Omega Massif, Kodiak, Long Distance Calling). The.. Read More
Izah - Sistere (Nordvis)

Izah – Sistere (Nordvis)

This Dutch sextet’s promo blurb describes their debut as a “72-minute long musical narration through darkness and light, hope and despair”. Within they pummel the listener with a combination of sludge-packed crush, barren post-hardcore and black metal affectations before soothing them with post-rock atmospherics. Through the.. Read More
Herod - They Were None (Mighty Music / Target)

Herod – They Were None (Mighty Music / Target)

On a trip to Sweden, staying in an isolated studio apartment, guitarist Pierre Caroz looked around the cold and desolate climate that surrounded him and began to construct music to match. What emerged was a primitive, oppressively dark cacophony (a little like Kongh have been.. Read More
Frozen Ocean – The Dyson Swarm (Kristallblut)

Frozen Ocean – The Dyson Swarm (Kristallblut)

So we have the first but almost certainly not the last release of the year from Russian project Frozen Ocean and as ever it’s an intriguing proposition wondering where the fertile mind of musician Vaarwel is taking us to this time around. Looking at the.. Read More
Ocean Chief– Sten (I Hate)

Ocean Chief– Sten (I Hate)

Occasionally in life it’s fun to set oneself challenges and goals. A month without drinking. A target weight. An extra mile on the morning run. Well, why should music be any different? I had heard of Ocean Chief previously, but never actually encountered them on.. Read More
Switchblade - [2012] (Trust No One)

Switchblade – [2012] (Trust No One)

Sludge/ drone experiments anyone? Well I’m always up for a bit of that. You know, hitting one note every fifteen seconds is hard to do well and some use it to hide shortcomings. Thankfully Swedish lot Switchblade, a core of Tim Bertilsson and Johan Folksson.. Read More