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Gravdal – Kadaverin (Soulseller Records)

Just the mention of Norwegian black metal sends shivers down the spine, and in many respects Gravdal’s third album has many of the classic aspects – withering, spiteful riffs, and a cold and lingeringly deathly air. The title track opens… Continue Reading →

Urgehal – Aeons in Sodom (Season of Mist)

Anyone who thought black metal legends Urgehal would dream of serving up half measures on their final album need only look at the guest list. Like a Who’s Who of Norwegian black metal, the list includes Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto, Hoest… Continue Reading →

Arvas – Black Satanic Mysticism (ATMF)

Attaining to recapture the roots of Norwegian black metal, in defiance of the scene’s progressive bastardisation, Arvas certainly managed to deliver an uncompromising blast with 2013’s ‘Into the Realm of the Occult’. (Subsequent to reviewing that one, it’s disappeared from… Continue Reading →

Djevel – Besatt Av Maane Og Natt (Aftermath Music)

Translating this Norwegian band and their album title into Devil – Possessed By The Moon And Night, this act equates to some form of black metal super group comprising members from Nettlecarrier, Koldbrann and Kvelertak, and boasting one Dirge Rep… Continue Reading →

Tribulation – The Formulas of Death (Invictus/Ajna Offensive)

When our editor offered me this for review I expected a fairly straight-forward case. Having read the name Tribulation in the context of new old-school death metal a few years back, surely a blast of stinking death was going to… Continue Reading →

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