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Arcane Voidsplitter – Voice Of The Stars (Aesthetic Death)

Mankind has always been fascinated by outer space, the stars and heavenly bodies he can just about still see from our smog filled cities glittering in the night sky. Musicians are no exception and this no doubt this goes right… Continue Reading →

Dead Can Dance – Dionysus (PIAS Recordings)

A new Dead Can Dance album is a pretty major event, the cult act having just released 10 studio albums over a career stretching back to 1981. When it is accompanied with some rare live dates it is even more… Continue Reading →

Chester Hawkins – Natural Causes (Intangible Arts)

This is the strangest thing to turn up in a while here and was kindly sent in on vinyl and described as “a bit of soundtracky electric noises for possible review.” Composer Chester Hawkins is from Washington DC and has… Continue Reading →

Extreme Noise Terror – S/T (Willowtip)

Since around 1985 Dean Jones has been at the helm of Extreme Noise Terror taking the band through thick and thin and a cast list of somewhere in the region of 25 ex members, including some that are well known… Continue Reading →

The Meads Of Asphodel – Sonderkommando (Candlelight)

I was told about this album on chatting to Metatron about The Meads Of Asphodel’s last contentious album ‘The Death Of Jesus The Jew.’ As it is Easter I really should be giving this a spin but everything is concentrated… Continue Reading →

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