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Death SS – Rock ‘N’ Roll Armageddon (High Roller)

Things I’ve always loved in music are shock, cheese and the utterly weird, from the early days of Alice Cooper and Arthur Brown to the easy listening Glam style of Sweet, Slade and Wizzard, two of which had cracking Christmas… Continue Reading →

Danko Jones – A Rock Supreme (AFM)

Sometimes you just need straight up rock and roll. The simplicity of a cranked up amp, overdrive crackling to crisp distortion, a clear and sometimes fuzzy bass, straight forward drums with plenty of hi-hat and cowbell, it’s the tried and… Continue Reading →

Glanville – First Blood (Fat and Holy)

Glanville are from Germany, whilst they have a strong presence based upon the reviews I have seen, the music for me brings another line of enquiry to the table. This is simple hard rock, it has a cool twin guitar… Continue Reading →

Hitten – Twist of Fate (High Roller)

Well, what a difference a fresh line up makes. Having taken hold of the Hitten mantle, new vocalist Alexx Panza really sets the bar high for traditional metal. This Spanish band, now on their third album, produce real metal taking… Continue Reading →

Screamer – Hell Machine (High Roller)

This is Swedish Screamer’s third full album, their last effort ‘Phoenix’ was pretty damn fine, so this one has a fair bit to stand up against. Thankfully, it’s all positive. Screamer continue in their quest mixing classic metal and including… Continue Reading →

Power Fuel – Tribute To Slayer (Great Dane)

Power Fuel are a thrash metal band from Picardy in France. This is their third album and for some reason they’ve chosen to release a record consisting of ten Slayer covers…. Now I’m not against cover versions but a whole… Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Disease – The Transcendence (Napalm)

Swedish retro rock, yeah this again, in a world obsessed by the past there are some high quality outfits emerging. When the opening track ‘Higher’ hits you, I am impressed, especially with the vocals of Jenna. On this one, it… Continue Reading →

Bitch Queens – Kill Your Friends (Lux Noise)

Bitch Queens are a bunch of sleazy fuckers from Basel. This is the first shocker for me as they play the kind of grease and spunk soaked rock n roll that usually ejaculates outta Scandinavia.  So far so Turbo Negro…. Continue Reading →

Uncle Sam – Heaven or Hollywood (Minotauro)

It ain’t easy being sleazy – or maybe it is. Uncle Sam were around for a hot minute (as they say) during the 80’s. Trying to get any info on them is tough even in these world wide webslung days…. Continue Reading →

Witherscape – The New Tomorrow (Century Media)

I picked up Witherscape’s first album ‘The Inheritance’ on an old fashioned whim after seeing it in an independent record shop (one of the few that remain), and then being drawn in by the cover, the suggestion on the cover… Continue Reading →

Ram / Portrait – Under Command (Metal Blade)

This is a nice release, two of my favourite Swedish bands playing two distinct styles or variations of traditional metal, both having one individual track, one cover track and another cover of a track by the other band (if you… Continue Reading →

Audrey Horne – Pure Heavy (Napalm)

Audrey Horne is a band that have split the opinion of some of my more extreme metal following friends, mourning as they do the fact that a band once formed of members of Enslaved, Gorgoroth and the like did not… Continue Reading →

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