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King of Asgard

Vanhelgd – Deimos Sanktuarium (Pulverised)

There are certain achievements that bands seem to hold in high regard, anniversaries, number of releases and so forth. Naturally this sort of egotistical self-awarding comes with a sort of uprising from fans whereby they equally appear to share the… Continue Reading →

King of Asgard – :TAUDR: (Trollmusic)

Mjolby’s (Sweden) very own “King of Asgard” finally return, following their last album, 2014’s “Karg”. I was an admirer of their first couple of albums, but with “Karg”, I found that somehow the music wasn’t “clicking” with me as much… Continue Reading →

Falconer – Black Moon Rising (Metal Blade)

There are few power metal bands with a signature sound quite like Falconer. The unholy spiritual union of black metal, European speed metal and folk melodies all rolled tightly around the honeyed tones of Mathias Blad. Ok there are plenty… Continue Reading →

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