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Liber Null – I, The Serpent (Osmose)

Thorns (drums) who seems to head up this band has his fingers in multiple bands with Blut Aus Nord being the most recognised. Ably assisted by Ades (guitar and bass ) and Psaalm on vocals this debut release is packed… Continue Reading →

Panychida – Haereticalia: The Night Battles (Cursed Records)

Welcome to the latest “memorial service” from Czech Republic brigands Panychida. I remember their last campaign well, 2013 release ‘Grief Of An Idol’ proved to be an enthralling journey of pagan metal complete with themes of ancient death rituals and… Continue Reading →

Atra Vetosus – Ius Vitae Necisque (Immortal Frost Productions)

Most Australian bands with a black touch that have corrupted my ears in the last decade or so have been utterly barbaric, a sonic nightmare realised within perpetual aural terror. Atra Vetosus is headed by Josh Young who also has… Continue Reading →

Azaghal and Oath – Split (Immortal Frost Productions)

In days gone by when the black metal scenes were more or less at war with each other I always felt that in that battle of sonic diablerie the Finnish bands would come out on top due to their uncompromising… Continue Reading →

Khors – Night Falls onto the Front of Ours (Candelight)

Khors seem to have been carving a good reputation for a long time, treading a path of heathen black metal, so I was surprised to find out that their first album was not released until 2005. “Night Falls onto the… Continue Reading →

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