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Fornicus – Storming Heaven (Negative Earth Records)

Something really odd has been going on and confusing me lately. It suddenly clicked what it was and it is the fact that two albums on my review pile, this and the new Necrophagia both start with a sample from… Continue Reading →

Old Thunder – Slings And Arrows (S/R)

Old Thunder now that sounds like it could be a brand of Bourbon with one hell of a kickback which would be apt as this one man project helmed by Dustin Grooms resides in Kentucky. Of course the literary amongst… Continue Reading →

Panopticon – Roads to the North (Bindrune Recordings)

When Austin Lunn released ‘Kentucky’ he set himself an extremely difficult challenge; in creating one of the most immersive crossovers of folk and black metal that’s been written to date, he raised the bar incredibly high and it was unlikely… Continue Reading →

Highgate – Survival (Total Rust)

At last, another full length from Kentucky’s lead weight blackened doom sludge mystery Highgate. It’s been three years since their Shrines To The Warhead album with only a compilation of older stuff and a split with Ghast in between (which… Continue Reading →

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