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Ellipse – A Nos Traitres (Finisterian Dead End)

When I started writing about music all those years ago Metalcore was all de rigueur and discs came flying in from all angles. Although I was not a particular fan of the genre I certainly built up a tolerance for… Continue Reading →

Melted Space – The Great Lie (Sensory)

This album should have had me running to the hills screaming and trying to distance myself as far away from it as possible. Melted Space are a project that were originally formed by Pierre Le Pape of Wormfood and essentially… Continue Reading →

Eths – Ex Umbra In Solem (Season Of Mist)

I doubt I was the only person who was rather surprised to hear that singer Candice Clot had decided to call it a day and leave Marseille based heavyweights Eths. The band had not long since released excellent album III… Continue Reading →

Eths – III (Season Of Mist)

Ooh matron bare breasts on an album cover, that’s not going to go down well on the record shop shelves! Mind you who the hell buys their albums in the shops nowadays and it is no doubt an artistic statement… Continue Reading →

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