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Taake / Whoredom Rife – Pakt (Terratur Possessions)

These two bands have signed a musical ‘pakt’ and have been fellow Norsemen entwined on their separate journeys for some time. Like Hoest, V. Einride is a multi-instrumentalist who composes all his group’s material although is joined by ex Bloodthorn… Continue Reading →

Nexorum – Death Unchained (Non Serviam Records)

Coming across as somewhat of a Norwegian black metal super group comprising members of Keep Of Kalessin, Khonsu, Vecordius, plus a couple of others, the talent on offer is without doubt. Fans of the Norwegian extreme metal scene got a… Continue Reading →

From the Vastland – Chamrosh (Immortal Frost)

I was impressed with From the Vastland’s 2013 album “Kamarikan”, since then there’s been one further release prior to this one. What impressed me was the intensity of the black metal which this one man maelstrom from Iran generated. The… Continue Reading →

Incineration Festival – Camden London 9/5/15

This festival hardly started small but in the space of a year has grown substantially and moved up from The Garage to no less than four venues in the heart of Camden. With 30 bands playing over the course of… Continue Reading →

Keep Of Kalessin – Epistemology (Indie)

Following a bands career is often quite tumultuous as you experience each release with bated anticipation; excitement, fear and wonder all partake in this venture and Keep Of Kalessin has been one of those bands for me. The band is… Continue Reading →

Subliritum – Downfall (Battlegod)

Opening with a frosty array of jangling guitar chords, a gravel-coated set of lungs hissing out about cold winds and mountains, and an accompaniment of clattering drumwork, Subliritum set their musical stall out pretty straightforwardly from the off. This is… Continue Reading →

Valkyrja – The Antagonist’s Fire (World Terror Committee)

I first heard this Swedish band when they released “Contamination” in 2010 and was suitably blown away by the sheer vitriolic terror unleashed. As expected this third opus starts with a serene introduction on “Betrayal Incarnate” before the riff breathes… Continue Reading →

From the Vastland – Kamarikan (Indie)

A solo artist from Sina is the inspiration behind this black metal band from Iran. After ten years behind the scenes, he released “Darkness vs. Light, The Perpetual Battle” (2011) and has now followed it up with this one. The… Continue Reading →

Interview – Khonsu

Khonsu is the brainchild of the elusive and mystical brother of Obsidian C, Steffen Gronbech an artist who wishes to remain anonymous. The darker side of life with foreboding depression and hateful malice being fused into epic compositions Khonus has… Continue Reading →

Khonsu – Anomalia (Season Of Mist)

One look at Khonsu’s Facebook page tells you a lot about what the band is likely to sound like, though nothing prepares you for the immense blockbuster compositions imagined and constructed by S Gronbech whose band this basically is, but… Continue Reading →

Naer Mataron – ΖΗΤΩ Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟ (Witching Hour Productions)

Now if you’re not interested in politics then I suggest you skip the first paragraph and half to the next and read from there, otherwise continue on. Controversy has never really left black metal since the early church burning days,… Continue Reading →

Zonaria – Arrival Of The Red Sun (Listenable Records)

Back in 2007 I managed to hear this band through their debut, “Infamy and The Breed”, and was staggered at what this young lot, at the time, had to offer. Some two years after and “The Cancer Empire” was let… Continue Reading →

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