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Murg –Strävan (Nordvis)

If you somehow managed to miss Murg’s frost-bitten and pretty fucking stunning debut, perhaps holed up in your wintery forest domain wearing corpse paint and living only on food you caught and strangled with your bare hands, I can only… Continue Reading →

Kampfar – Ofidians Manifest (Indie)

Without a shadow of a doubt Kampfar are one of the leading Scandinavian pagan black metal bands with a hugely respected output of releases going back to 1995. Perhaps we had been taking them for granted just a little too… Continue Reading →

L’Acéphale – S/T (Eisenwald)

A 74 minute album takes dedication not just to make but for the listener to consume as well. When you think about it is the equivalent of a 3 hour movie and a lot to take in. Musically you would… Continue Reading →

Vindorn – Perdition (Sol Records)

Vindorn has set out to make its mark in an oversubscribed part of the black metal scene by carving out a unique sound all of its own. Not an easy prospect when you consider that malign and grim true black… Continue Reading →

Lęk – Shadows of Black Souls (Wolfspell)

While I had a soft spot for Lęk’s first release Sweven a few years ago (time flies, it was back in 2014) it didn’t achieve enough across its 40 minute span to raise itself clearly enough above the pack. This… Continue Reading →

Murg – Gudatall (Nordvis)

It was only last year that Murg crawled out of the forests with its refreshing debut Varg & Björn, full of oppressive black metal with a flint sharp edge. In a world where it’s increasingly hard for black metal bands… Continue Reading →

Heimdalls Wacht – Geisterseher (Trollzorn)

Thank god – and by that I mean the guardian of Bifrost himself – that Heimdalls Wacht has returned. Last year’s full-length was all over the place – bloated, too reliant on the clichés of the genre and too long… Continue Reading →

Torc – Tóny Annwnu (Murderous Music Production)

Feeling like a limb has been cut off and you have been thrown to the wolves to defend for yourself? Well that’s certainly the political climate in the UK at the moment for many. Not that this should have anything… Continue Reading →

Mistur – In Memorium (Dark Essence)

I sadly didn’t hear the debut by Sognametal band Mistur. I say sadly because as noted by the live review of their recent appearance at Inferno this collection of past and present members of Vreid, Windir, Kampfar, Cor Scorpii and… Continue Reading →

Interview – Kampfar

All has been very busy in the Kampfar Kamp. Delivering their excellent 7th album Profan at the tail end of last year, it seems like they have hardly stopped since. Hitting the road with Gorgoroth and Gehenna on the back… Continue Reading →

Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika (Century Media)

Let me start by being completely upfront. This is Moonsorrow’s best album for more than a decade. Perhaps even one of their best yet. It’s a melting pot of all that has gone before and if you’re not hooked in… Continue Reading →

Gorgoroth, Kampfar, Gehenna, De Profundis and The Negation – London Dome 11/12/16

This one has a right solid line-up and it is well worth getting down for early doors to catch 1st band on tonight The Negation from France. There may not be loads in yet to witness the band but they… Continue Reading →

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