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Road Warrior – Power (Gates of Hell)

My first experience of this Australian band was their two track demo tape ‘Ignition’, this jumped out of the review list so I went for it. As expected, they’ve stuck to their traditional metal influences and laid them bare. For… Continue Reading →

Cauldron – New Gods (Dissonance Productions)

Cauldron are back with latest offering, “New Gods”. Since forming in 2006, they’ve a string of full length albums and EP’s to their credit. The band continue to explore the classic era heavy metal sounds inspired by the likes of… Continue Reading →

Hitten – Twist of Fate (High Roller)

Well, what a difference a fresh line up makes. Having taken hold of the Hitten mantle, new vocalist Alexx Panza really sets the bar high for traditional metal. This Spanish band, now on their third album, produce real metal taking… Continue Reading →

Manimal – Purgatorio (AFM)

Impressive Swedish Heavy/Power Metal band Manimal may have a bit of a silly name, but there’s nothing particularly comical about the delivery of their particular blend of high energy, no-nonsense Metal. Not for them the symphonic noodlings of Sonata Arctica… Continue Reading →

Wytch Hazel – II: Sojourn (Bad Omen Records)

Well, Wytch Hazel produced my album of the year in “Prelude” back in 2016, and it has remained in heavy rotation in my music list ever since. That album was a heady, smoky and somewhat charmingly naive piece of folk-ish… Continue Reading →

Khemmis – Desolation (Nuclear Blast)

Allow me to start this review with a couple of statements that may cause some surprise.  Firstly, I’ve been sat on this recording for a couple of weeks before being able to give it a decent spin as amazingly enough… Continue Reading →

Sign of the Jackal – Breaking the Spell (Dying Victims)

It has been five years since their debut album ‘Mark of the Beast’, even longer since ‘The Beyond’ EP, and this Italian traditional heavy metal group have picked up exactly where they left off.  Laura’s vocals have not changed; the… Continue Reading →

Toledo Steel – No Quarter (Dissonance)

Southampton’s Toledo Steel are on a great journey. Ever present in the UK metal scene over the last few years, I am quite pleased with the progression and this, to finally get to their debut album release. It just shows… Continue Reading →

Monument – Hellhound (Rock Of Angels)

How not to make friends and influence me; open the album with a pirate themed song called ‘William Kidd’, make it historically dubious (if ever there was a guy whose crew didn’t do their best to serve him well it… Continue Reading →

Traitors Gate – Fallen (No Remorse)

Reignited after a resurgence of interest following what was supposed to be a one off reunion at Newcastle’s Brofest in 2017 (I subsequently saw them in Germany too), the band decided there was more to offer. A self-released EP appeared… Continue Reading →

Sanhedrin – A Funeral for the World (Cruz Del Sur)

If you like classic, melodic heavy metal and bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Black Sabbath, or if you’ve liked them at one time, you should definitely check out this new band from Brooklyn, NYC. They are excellent. But… Continue Reading →

Vorbid – Mind (Indie Recordings)

I have to admit to being surprised that this young Norwegian thrash act has got signed to Indie Recordings so quickly, this coming on the back of me watching their very nervous performance at Bloodstock Open Air in 2017 on… Continue Reading →

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