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Neumatic Parlo – All Purpose Slicer (Unique Records)

Looking at the name of band and EP title here had me hoping for some nice vicious grindcore but the German group are alas far from that. What they play is described as “modern Psychedelic, Garage, and Alternativ Rock” and… Continue Reading →

Okkultokrati – La Ilden Lyse (Southern Lord)

Norway’s Okkultokrati have been combining black metal, post punk and kraut rock together for over a decade, however, it’s arguably 2016’s ‘Raspberry Dawn’ that really thrust this unique mash up of genres into the spotlight (coincidentally this was also their… Continue Reading →

An Autumn For Crippled Children – All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet (Prosthetic)

An Autumn For Crippled Children are a true Marmite band. Despised by many as the epitome of the hipster assault on the TRVE and KVLT unholiness of Black Metal they are often the anonymous whipping boys on many a social… Continue Reading →

Then Comes Silence – Machine (SPV)

Nothing melts my frozen heart as much as the current resurgence of Post Punk sounds. (You say post punk I still like to say Goth). With bands like Beastmilk and Publicist UK coming out of the dry ice in the… Continue Reading →

Nixa – Opus Tierra (War Anthem Records)

So, this escalated quickly.  It started by just playing the album once. Just the one time. Letting the music drift by. My usual reviewing technique is to listen to it a couple of times at home, and then use my… Continue Reading →

Clone Culture – S/T (Lifeforce Records)

I hadn’t realised that Milan was one of the epicentres of post punk and dark wave in the 1980s until I read the attachment that came with this. Well they recognise Joy Division and The Cure, and having heard this… Continue Reading →

Atriarch – Dead As Truth (Relapse)

Once I upgraded my musical reading from Smash Hits to N.M.E, Melody Maker and Sounds I remember well the tag of most miserable band in the world being thrown around a lot. It normally went in the direction of The… Continue Reading →

Kassad – Faces Turn Away (Hypnotic Dirge)

At last some proper grown up black metal from the UK. No clown-shoes and corpse paint in evidence here and it’s a welcome relief as I seem to have been hearing too much of that sort of stuff lately. It’s… Continue Reading →

Alfahanne – Det Nya Svarta (Indie)

Back around January 2014 Swedish reprobates Alfahanne really burst on the scene with debut album Alfapokalypse. It was a breath of rotten air bolstered by an urgent clamouring punked up backbone that took in various different ideas throughout its short,… Continue Reading →

Nicole Sabouné – Miman (Century Media)

Having the album of a contestant from The Voice is something that every self-respecting music journalist prays will never happen – however, an exception can be made for the Swedish talent that is Nicole Sabouné. The singer/songwriter made it to… Continue Reading →

Okkultokrati – Raspberry Dawn (Southern Lord)

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Okkultokrati belong to the Black Hole Crew, alongside the likes of Blackest Woods and Haust. The band have quite a colourful history; in 2013, guitarist BlackRace injured his hand and was told he could not play… Continue Reading →

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