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Toby Knapp – Blizzard Archer (Moribund)

Toby Knapp returns in a slightly different guise on latest release, “Blizzard Archer”. My previous experiences have been with his Waxen and Affliktor projects where his prowess as a guitarist combined with churning, aggressive black metal tones. This time around… Continue Reading →

Waxen – Terror Decree (Moribund)

Toby Knapp continues his lone journey to thrash the charred soul of black metal into dust. “Terror Decree” marks the fourth full length outing under the Waxen moniker and finds him dexterously laying waste to all in his path. This… Continue Reading →

Damnations Day – A World Awakens (Sensory Records)

Led by brothers Mark and Dean Kennedy, this Australian outfit have released their second effort following on from 2013’s “Invisible, The Dead”. Since that release, they’ve had plenty of gig time including a support slot with Accept so it comes… Continue Reading →

Waxen – Weihung Auf Satan (Moribund)

Shred Black Metal? Sure, we’ll give that a go. Toby Knapp’s one man band, Waxen has continued to blacken more souls with third release “Weihung Auf Satan”. Grim, dark and venomous, he takes the dark heart out of black metal… Continue Reading →

Gracepoint – Echoes (S/R)

Gracepoint describe their music as sophisticated metal. I’m new to this band from Minneapolis and what strikes me instantly is the very fine musicianship displayed on their second album “Echoes”. It’s been a long time between drinks following the debut… Continue Reading →

Dinner Music For the Gods – Beautiful and Treacherous (SR)

Dinner Music for the Gods. The very name conjures up images of Dionysian excess on Mount Olympus. Zeus and Poseidon hand out the olives whilst Apollo snogs a satyr behind the laurel wreath rack. Never mind what the fox would… Continue Reading →

Ephel Duath – Hemmed by Light, Shape by Darkness (Agonia)

The collaborators on this, the seventh album by Ephel Duath, have links with Joe Satriani and Necrophagist. On growly atmospheric vocals is Karyn Crisis and there are a couple of guest appearances from Mr Death Metal Erik Rutan, who is… Continue Reading →

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