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Zardoz – John Boorman (Arrow)

Zardoz – John Boorman (Arrow)

The mid 70’s were a great time for experimentation and radical ideas and when you mixed dystopian fantasy and a shed load of psychedelic pharmaceuticals the results for film goers could often send them on a right old trip in the movie theatres. One film.. Read More
Blanche - Walerian Borowczyk (Arrow Films)

Blanche – Walerian Borowczyk (Arrow Films)

It’s high time that Polish auteur Walerian Borowczyk (1923-2006) was due a thorough reappraisal and Arrow Films have gone all out in breathing new life into the director of over 40 short films and a dozen features. They are re-releasing, naturally with high definition transfers.. Read More
Interview - Wound (2010) director David Blyth

Interview – Wound (2010) director David Blyth

 Wound is a film I recently reviewed on this site; an independent film from New Zealand that can best be described as psychological surrealist art-horror. It’s a film that leaves the viewer with more questions than answers, and thankfully director David Blyth was happy to.. Read More