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Joan Jett

Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters – Bad Habit (S/R)

This is the debut album from Cardiff rockers Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters, a result of a lot of groundwork and a successful pledge campaign, which appears to be a common occurrence in today’s music scene with the lack… Continue Reading →

Manitu – Raw (Walk The Talk)

This was one of those discs that turns up and is hard to work out what to do with, being neither extreme or atmospheric and not really to our tastes. It certainly remained unclaimed on our review lists and not… Continue Reading →

Bitch Queens – Kill Your Friends (Lux Noise)

Bitch Queens are a bunch of sleazy fuckers from Basel. This is the first shocker for me as they play the kind of grease and spunk soaked rock n roll that usually ejaculates outta Scandinavia.  So far so Turbo Negro…. Continue Reading →

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