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Jethro Tull

Dun Ringill – Welcome (Argonauta Records)

Right. So here are some things I have discovered since doing a google search on the terms “Dun Ringill”: 1) Dun Ringill is the name of a Scottish Iron age fort on the Isle of Skye. 2) It is also… Continue Reading →

Wobbler – From Silence to Somewhere (Karisma Records)

The interesting thing about Norway’s Wobbler, whose fourth album this is, is that they push boundaries in the world of prog, yet their music is so recognisable. This, without doubt, is the charm of it. This prog that they peddle… Continue Reading →

Pagan Altar – The Room Of Shadows (Temple Of Mystery)

Having begun life in the late 70’s just as the enormity of the NWOBHM movement was unfolding, Pagan Altar were one of the few British doom bands starting out from that period. Given their interrupted lifespan, album output has been… Continue Reading →

Tusmørke – Hinsides (Svart Records)

“Groove is in the heart of darkness”, they say. Well, as well as being groove-masters, Tusmørke are self-proclaimed ambassadors of macabre romanticism. Progressive in a retro way and just plain weird, I’d put it, in the way that certain Norwegian… Continue Reading →

Edensong – Years In The Garden Of Years (The Laser’s Edge)

Cards on the table here folks, my next landmark birthday is 50, and it is far too few years ago for comfort, and for the best part of four decades, ever since first finding Cream’s ‘Goodbye’ in my mother’s record… Continue Reading →

Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre (Spinefarm)

We just need to be clear from the outset – Purson’s sophomore effort, “Desire’s Magic Theatre” is not a heavy metal record. However, what we must also be clear about is that this is a work that will appeal to… Continue Reading →

Blood Ceremony – Lord Of Misrule (Rise Above)

It’s been three years since Canadian’s Blood Ceremony draped us in their rich and Eldritch Darkness and time has been spent constructing a new album that has plenty going on in it both musically and thematically. Delving into esoteric and… Continue Reading →

Witchcraft – Nucleus (Nuclear Blast)

If you’re not familiar with Sweden’s own Witchcraft, you’d not need to be a modern day Sherlock Holmes to guess from their name there might well be a hint of Doom about their sound. Looking at my own music collection,… Continue Reading →

Northwinds – Eternal Winter (Black Widow)

Parisian doom devotees Northwinds proudly present this, their fifth full length studio album, complete with its typically beautiful album cover by Stefano Sugni. To briefly and dismissively label this band simply as `Doom’ however, does them a great injustice in… Continue Reading →

Year Of The Goat – The Unspeakable (Napalm)

Album number two from Swedish occult dark rockers, Year Of The Goat, comes with heaps of their usual melodrama plus a subtle blend of multiple genres. Each one is shot through with their own stylized affectations woven into more recognisable… Continue Reading →

Northern Oak – Of Roots And Flesh (S/R)

Although I’d head their name mentioned here and there previously, I didn’t really catch up with this Sheffield sextet until their second album ‘Monuments’ had been out for a while and I witnessed their engaging set at Warhorns 2013 (a… Continue Reading →

Tusmørke – Riset Bak Speilet (Svart Records)

Anyone up for a good old-fashioned campfire freakout? Addled minds and heightened senses, merry jigs and sudden noises and, all the while, dark shadows cavort across the trunks of gnarled, bent trees. The identical Momrak twins of Tusmørke (meaning “Twilight”) clearly… Continue Reading →

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