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Sons of Alpha Centauri – Buried Memories (H42 Records)

Sons of Alpha Centauri – the Post Rock Scarlet Pimpernels from Kent (20 shows in 12 years – that is Darkthrone like) have released a new collection. Carrying on from last year’s Continuum, Buried Memories is a collection of mesmerizingly… Continue Reading →

Pelican – Nighttime Stories (Southern Lord)

Pelican’s (the birds) are part of the Pelecanidae family and look and sound unorthodox and odd. Swooping into the water filling up their mouths like feathery flying whales as they gorge on the fishy treats lurking beneath the waves. The… Continue Reading →

Godflesh – Post Self (Avalanche Recordings)

I have to admit that I have little time to go chasing music that doesn’t turn up here. New Electric Wizard not received, oh well, new Morbid Angel well we didn’t get it either, fuck em, new Godflesh, where is… Continue Reading →

Drug Honkey – Cloak Of Skies (Transcending Obscurity)

It’s been a long time brewing in the meth lab, we have not heard from musical chemists Drug Honkey since 2012 when they released last album ‘Ghost In The Fire.’ The Illinois based band have always been interesting and I… Continue Reading →

Rome in Monochrome – Karma Anubis (Wintersleep Records)

Now I’m sorry but this is just incredibly frustrating – a band comes to the table with a lengthy biography, extensive details on the band members’ past activities and some bold pronouncements of blending post rock, shoegaze and doom. Sounds… Continue Reading →

Disappears – Irreal (Kranky)

So we are more in Pitchfork than Iron Fist or Terrorizer territory here but we like to mix things up a bit and Disappears sound is certainly one that I am au fait with. I have fleeting memories of their… Continue Reading →

Godflesh – A World Lit By Fire (Avalanche)

Not everything that dies stays dead and that is certainly true as far as bands are concerned. Just look at what is going on at the moment in extreme music land. After well in excess of ten year gaps between… Continue Reading →

Godflesh – Decline & Fall (Avalanche Recordings)

Formed in Birmingham UK 1988 by Justin Broadrick and C.G. Green and innovators of industrial metal, Godflesh spawned some seminal records including six excellent albums before combusting in 2002 leaving a vacuum in their wake. Broadrick went on to carry… Continue Reading →

Menace – Impact Velocity (Season Of Mist)

What would you expect a project helmed by Mitch Harris (Napalm Death’s guitarist for the past 25 years) to sound like? Just to assist with that, I’ll also throw in Shane Embury & Frederick Leclercq (Dragonforce) sharing bass duties, Derek… Continue Reading →

Nothing – Guilty of Everything (Relapse)

Now, the cynic inside of me might take a look at this and dismiss it as little more than Relapse attempting to jump on the shoegaze bandwagon that continues to trundle forwards with ever increasing momentum. The combination of extreme… Continue Reading →

Jesu – Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came (Avalanche)

With all eyes and ears being on Godflesh and their resurrection recently one could have forgotten about Jesu and the fact that Justin Broadrick has his own more reflective project. I rued the day that Godflesh split having been a… Continue Reading →

Cult of Luna – Vertikal II (Indie)

Long gone are the dark and brooding days of one of post metal’s most evil sounding albums – the masterpiece that was ‘Eternal Kingdom’ is long dead and the band once branded as ‘NeurIsis’ have taken a complete U-turn with… Continue Reading →

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