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Gama Bomb – Speed Between The Lines (AFM)

The Northern Irish fun filled thrash attack is back once again as Gama Bomb prepare to drop their payload of explosive and infectious thrash with album #6. Featuring some artwork which could rightfully be mistaken for a Judas Priest release,… Continue Reading →

Bloodclot – Up In Arms (Metal Blade)

Super-group. An epithet banded about since the seventies and usually used for a bunch of rich hippies who got stoned and decided to make some extra cash by rehashing riffs from their parent bands. Hardcore. A genre that seems to… Continue Reading →

Surgical Meth Machine: S/T (Nuclear Blast)

Back in late December 2012, long time partner in crime of Al Jourgensen Mike Scaccia sadly passed away and this was what would be the second tolling of the death bell for Ministry after their initial disbanding back in 2009…. Continue Reading →

Gama Bomb – Untouchable Glory (AFM)

Dublin based Gama Bomb have been plying their classic feel good thrash style since the early 2000’s and with four albums behind them, the five piece from the Emerald Isle certainly look to keep going from strength to strength. It’s… Continue Reading →

D.O.A. – To Hell And Back (Wienerworld)

What do you do after pretty much founding ‘hardcore punk’ releasing stacks of albums and playing hundreds of shows over a career that spans close to 35 years? You wind down your outfit, play a last tour and go and… Continue Reading →

Pasadena Napalm Division – ST (Minus Head)

I first clashed heads with Pasadena Napalm Division on their P.N.D. EP back in 2010. Lot of fun it was too and I was glad to meet their acquaintance and all that malarkey. Not that they were all complete strangers… Continue Reading →

Mortillery– Murder Death Kill (Napalm Records)

The resurgence of the traditional thrash metal scene has been a largely hit and miss affair, with the majority of bands taking a very linear approach with regards to the style, and with the genes of early Metallica and Slayer… Continue Reading →

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